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7 'Keep' वाक्यांश क्रिया
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'Keep' Phrasal Verbs: 

1. Keep something around: to keep something near you(नजिकै राख्नु) 

2. Keep at something: to persist with something; carry on with something difficult(केहि कुरामा विद्यमान रहनु) 

3. Keep away: do not allow someone near an area(कुनै क्षेत्र नजिकै कसैले अनुमति नदिनु) 

4. Keep back: to stay within safe distance from something(केही बाट सुरक्षित दूरी राख्नु) 

5. Keep from doing something: to stop yourself from doing something(केहि गर्नु बाट रोक्नु) 

6. Keep somebody in: to prevent somebody from going out(बाहिर जान बाट रोक्नु) 

7. Keep on: to continue (doing something)(जारी राख्नु) 
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