clearer, sweet -> sweeter\n\n> Multisyllable words take "more". Look at these examples: incredible -> more incredible (not "incredibler"), horrible -> more horrible (not "horribler")\n\n"/>
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What is the comparative form of 'Horrible'? What are the basic rules of forming comparatives?
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The basic rules of forming comparatives: 

One syllable words take er". Look at these examples: clear clearer, sweet sweeter 

Multisyllable words take "more". Look at these examples: incredible more incredible (not "incredibler"), horrible more horrible (not "horribler") 

Two syllable words ending in consonant take "ier": Look at these examples: happy happier, pretty prettier 

Some words can take either er or 'more': Both "more clear" and "clearer" are acceptable. 
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