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4 easy ways to learn spoken English

Spoken English can be learnt in many ways on Hello English. Here, we chart out a few different ways:

  1. Videos with English subtitles - Learn Spoken English with Hello English 'Words of the Week'​ news video,​ which helps you learn new words from the current affairs.

  2. Trending videos - It is much easier to understand the trailer of a movie, or an interview, if you have subtitles. Hello English offers you trending videos where you can watch the videos that are viral on the social media.

  3. TV Series - Another fun way to learn English is watching TV Series. A few that you can watch are - F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Two and a half men, HOUSE MD, etc.​ Hello English also offers such videos in the Practice section of the App.​

  4. Conversation Games - Improve your English speaking with App: ​Under this game, the Hello English App guides you ​how to speak and gives you instant feedback. It shows you which part of the sentence wasn't correctly pronounced.