The passive: Present progressive
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Lesson 195
The passive: Present progressive
They are considering my candidature for the job. = 他们正在考虑我的求职申请。
这个句子用的是\'active voice (present progressive)\'。
My candidature is being considered for the job. = 我的求职申请正在被考虑中。
转换 \'Present progressive Passive\'时 :
'Is/are' + 'being' + 'Past Participle'。
Our TV is being fixed at the moment.
Our TV is being fix at the moment.
They are repairing the roof. = 他们正在维修屋顶。
在 \'passive sentence\'下主动词的 \'object\' 变成 \'subject\'。
The roof is being repaired. = 屋顶正在被维修中。
My apartment ______
is being
are being
was being
His car is being repaired.
His car is being repair.
Our photos is being developed.
Our photos are being developed.
Your lunch is being prepared.
Your lunch being prepared.
Two main episodes ______
is being shot
are being shoot
are being shot
is being shoot
A picture of him is being taken by her.
A picture of him are being taken by her.
A poem is being write by me.
A poem is being written by me.
Football is being play by us.
Football is being played by us.
A tie is being worn by him.
A tie being worn by him.
Are the flowers ______
being watering
being water
being watered
The book ______
are being read
is being read
is being reading
are being reading
The package is being delivered.
The package is being deliver.
The team is being congratulate.
The team is being congratulated.
An exercise is being done.
An exercise are being done.