Phrasal verbs - Practice
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Lesson 250
Phrasal verbs - Practice
Please sit down = 请坐下

这句话中有 Phrasal verb。 sit down= 坐下。
Verb = Sit, Particle = Down

当使用 Phrasal verbs下令时,句子中不用加 object(you)。
Please you sit down.
I grew up in Beijing. = 我是在北京长大的。

这句话中有 Phrasal verb。Grew up = 长大。
Verb = Grew. Particle = Up.
Every morning, I ______
get up
am get up
have get up
Turn on the TV / Turn the TV on = 打开电视。
当 object 是个 noun 时它可以被放在 particle 前面或者后面。
Verb (Turn) + Particle (on) + Object (the TV).
Verb (Turn) + Object (the TV) + Particle (on).
但当主语是 pronoun 时,那就得放在 particle 前面。

Verb (Turn) + Object (it) + Particle (on).
'Turn it on'
NOT 'Turn on it'.
'然后我打开了收音机。' 选择正确的英文翻译。
Then I turn on the radio.
Then I turn up the radio.
It took him a long time to get over his illness = 他病了很久才康复。
这里的 phrasal verb是:'Get over'. 这里的 phrasal verb是:Look for.
Verb = Look, Particle = for.
I always have to look for my glasses = 我总是得去找我的眼镜。
这里, phrasal verb: 'Look for' 是.
Verb = Look, Particle = for
'我在找我的钥匙。' 选择正确的英文翻译。
I'm looking for my keys.
I'm looking my keys for.
I always have to ______
look in
look for
look out
'把大衣穿上。' 选择正确的英文翻译。
Put on your coat.
Put your coat.
'我查了下笔记。' 选择正确的英文翻译。
I looked my notes through.
I looked through my notes.
The plane ______
took off
took in
took out
Can I try this ______
suit on
suit for
suit in
'别把这本杂志丢掉。' 选择正确的英文翻译。
Don't throw this magazine away.
Don't throw this magazine on.
'请关小一点。' 选择正确的英文翻译。
Please turn it on.
Please turn it down.
    • put in
    • we
    • put up
    • won't
    • with your
    • rudeness.
    • my notes
    • mine notes
    • topic.
    • look
    • for that
    • through
    She could not ______
    get over
    get up
    turn off
    forget over
    You need to ______
    grow up
    are grow up
    do grow up