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में तेजी लाने के
the car accelerated toward her
(of a vehicle or other physical object) begin to move more quickly.
translation of 'accelerate'
तेज़ करना,
त्वरित करना,
वेग बढ़ाना
चाल बढ़ाना,
गतिवृद्धि करना,
गति बढ़ाना,
की गति बढ़ाना
A sufficiently strong electric field can further 'accelerate' these electrons.
I can't believe how fast these cars 'accelerate' out of the corner.
This action causes the solar atmosphere to sizzle with high-energy X-rays and gamma rays and 'accelerate' proton and electron particles into the solar system.
This contribution is expected to increase as melting rates 'accelerate' , though ultimately the added runoff is predicted to disappear as glaciers decline many decades from now.
The principle of the cyclotron fails as particles 'accelerate' close to the speed of light.
inflation started to 'accelerate'
According to Al Smith, much current research is focused on the use of lasers to 'accelerate' protons, rather than using existing cyclotron and synchrotron sources.
The average F1 car can 'accelerate' faster than most other race cars, aside from drag racing and rally cars that is.
These electrons 'accelerate' in the electric field of the wake.
The synchrotron can 'accelerate' electrons from a mere walking pace up to almost the speed of light.
The need for water investment keeps inexorably increasing and tends to 'accelerate' as the deterioration of these systems advance.
inflation started to 'accelerate'
The rate of advance of biotech is likely to 'accelerate' to such an extent that many people who are alive right now will live to see aging become at first partially reversible.
Then, Spinella says, the shift into hybrids and smaller vehicles would 'accelerate' .
Why is it easier to 'accelerate' an electron to a speed that is close to the speed of light, compared to accelerating a proton to the same speed?
Biotechnology will continue to advance and its rate of advance will 'accelerate' .
These forces of attraction and repulsion provide a kind of ‘kick’ that 'accelerates' the electron in a forward direction.
But it still leaves unexplained why the rate of house price increases should be 'accelerating' at all, and how reliable and sustainable this acceleration is.
The tone is established early on; broad strokes of unbridled praise for friends, co-workers and pets, a breathless, 'accelerative' pace and an embarrassment of exclamation marks.
The 'accelerative' surge through the six gears is relentless; there has never been a non-turbocharged production 911 as rapid as this one.
Ponting and Martyn settled in after tea to appear increasingly comfortable, with the scoring rate 'accelerating' in direct comparison with the perceived comfort of the batsmen.
In a strong electric field, free electrons can be 'accelerated' onto its inner surface.
The vehicle 'accelerated' in a sudden thrust, swerving about out of control.
The MX - 5 delivers a satisfying 'accelerative' surge, helped along by the short and tight shifter mounted high on the transmission tunnel.
His approach appears to be playing them at double-speed and triple-volume, turning the sparse, relaxed soundscape of LP highlight Poor Leno into a throbbing, 'accelerative' monster of a tune.
Most of the northern lights we see originate in the electrons 'accelerated' into the ionosphere.
If they rise because economic growth appears to be 'accelerating' , the increase will be harmless.
From a standing start, the car 'accelerated' smoothly and quickly.
Observations of change over the past century indicate that technology is evolving exponentially, which means change is 'accelerating' or the rate of change is increasing.
A unique feature of VTM - 4 is that it drives the rear wheels whenever the vehicle 'accelerates' , even on dry pavement.
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