English to Hindi Dictionary accentuate


दबाव का चिह्न
his jacket unfortunately accentuated his paunch
make more noticeable or prominent.
translation of 'accentuate'
बल देना
ऐसे दबाव का चिह्न करना
To 'accentuate' his point, he referred to the Gospel which emphasises forgiveness.
Lighting should 'accentuate' the architectural features of a room.
I am keen to 'accentuate' the positives and there are many if we care to look for them.
Above all, of course, we must 'accentuate' the positive, making the most all that is good in our lovely city and county.
Rather than dwell on poor academic performance, it said, teachers are taught to 'accentuate' the positive.
Andrews wondered why people don't 'accentuate' the positive rather than dwelling on the negative.
By 'accentuating' the positive effects of global commerce, they hope to show that the left's new bogey man has no clothes.
She stands up decisively and pulls her t-shirt down at the sides, 'accentuating' the waistless bulge of her torso that protrudes for some distance from her body.
Nighttime pupil dilation 'accentuates' the problem and makes it more noticeable.
With a laugh, the man emerged from the shadow of a canvas overhang in front of a shop, the light from the moon 'accentuating' his features almost as well as the sun would.
Her pale skin became rosy, 'accentuating' her delicate features, and contrasting her dark hair and eyes beautifully.
He emerges and they dance a sweet duet, her fragility 'accentuated' by his height and strength.
As the king unready to govern Simon Bartlett gave what could be called the performance of a lifetime, his lisping 'accentuating' the monarch's worldly innocence.
Instead of focusing on the length of your cut, concentrate on 'accentuating' your best feature.
He was not a man at all, she now saw, but instead a handsome boy, his careless grin 'accentuating' his already striking features.
Herge, then aged seventy-one, was a gaunt figure, his face deeply lined, 'accentuating' his sharp features.
They have shown impressive skill in affirming and 'accentuating' the positives of even the most adverse of circumstances.
You can't argue with Sky, ITV and, previously, the BBC for 'accentuating' its positives out of all proportion.
His shoulders are wide, 'accentuated' by the jacket he is wearing, his neck thick, and his hands huge.
His loping gait 'accentuates' his already considerable height, the gangly adolescent now grown up.
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