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government must be accountable to its citizens
(of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.
the delayed introduction of characters' names is accountable, if we consider that names have a low priority
explicable; understandable.
translation of 'accountable'
History will tell whether those responsible will be held 'accountable' for their crimes.
What's the status of finding out who or what is to be held 'accountable' for what went wrong?
The plaintiffs say they want to see the church and government held 'accountable' for these abuses.
They should be elected democratically and be 'accountable' to all New Zealanders.
The fact that he is ultimately 'accountable' to the clubs means that he needs a consensus from the clubs before he can act.
All politicians are 'accountable' to us and we must not confuse arrogant indifference with real leadership.
The treasurers are 'accountable' to the parties or agencies outside their office.
Utility agencies better coordinate their work and show they are 'accountable' to the public.
Individuals are fully 'accountable' to the organisation for the expenditure they incur.
The government is also 'accountable' to Parliament, which has the right to ask questions.
Vote for me and let me help you to make your student government more 'accountable' to you!
The Republic is not a free paper because we want to be 'accountable' to our readers, not to advertisers.
He suggested that a club be formed and that its members be held 'accountable' for the responsible use of the pier.
Rogue government and rebel militias who prowl rural areas are hardly 'accountable' to higher authorities.
Politicians are held 'accountable' for their execution of duties in governing a country.
The simple reason is the people in charge of spending the money are not 'accountable' to anyone.
Should the corporate media not be held 'accountable' for blocking the democratic process?
Unless leaders are 'accountable' to a constituency, there can be no true democracy.
We have to make judgments on which we are 'accountable' to the public.
When nobody can be held 'accountable' for decisions like this, democracy is dead.
In any democratic set up the question of 'accountability' of the budget is an important factor.
An entire change of culture and open debate on 'accountability' is required.
The key legal issues arising from clinical ethics committees concern 'accountability' .
It is about taking responsibility for the 'accountability' that actually you have now got a bad manager.
Will the big media outlets demand the same 'accountability' of themselves that they demand of everyone else?
When public funds are involved, 'accountability' requires that money is spent wisely.
Where is the outrage and demand amongst the fourth estate for some 'accountability' from him?
In today's litigious society, we need to have someone to blame, to apportion 'accountability' .
Lack of 'accountability' has corroded public respect for business and political leaders.
There are ways to lie and be completely absolved of any kind of 'accountability' .
Be transparent, accountable like a public body, SC tells BCCI
Make CAG accountable to parliament: Public Accounts Committee
Parties unaccountable for poll promises, manifestos mere pieces of paper: CJI
Someone must be held accountable: Kejriwal over DHSA complaint
Judiciary should also be held accountable: Law Minister
Being a producer allowed me to be more accountable: Vin Diesel
Congress demands impartial investigation into escape of 23 fugitives, holds PM accountable
Punjab to hold officials accountable for stubble-burning
Mattis vows US will hold Khashoggi's killers accountable
RBI is accountable, government runs country: Shaktikanta Das
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