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the accumulation of wealth
the acquisition or gradual gathering of something.
translation of 'accumulation '
And that has contributed to the slow 'accumulation' of wealth by minorities.
Therefore, what we recognize as the aging process is the gradual 'accumulation' of this cellular damage.
Support of private ownership does not mean that anyone has the right to unlimited 'accumulation' of wealth.
The business is an instrument of 'accumulation' of family wealth and status.
Despite the enormous 'accumulation' of wealth by the wealthiest, the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.
The system they defend, based on the immense 'accumulation' of private wealth at the expense of society as a whole, has reached a dead end.
According to the model, the Big Bang is followed by a period of slow expansion and gradual 'accumulation' of dark energy.
the 'accumulation' of wealth
Land has always been the basis of wealth generation and 'accumulation' upon which social development can be designed.
Nobody in the political establishment or the media opposed the fantastic 'accumulation' of wealth by a tiny elite, of which they formed a part.
The continual movement of peoples meant that there was no 'accumulation' of wealth because everything had to be carried.
The point nevertheless is that land is crucial as the fundamental basis in the process of wealth generation and 'accumulation' .
The main aim of the speech was to justify the growing 'accumulation' of private wealth and the growth of an authoritarian police state.
The mere 'accumulation' of national wealth is not sufficient to deal with poverty as a health risk.
The gradual 'accumulation' of soot can seriously affect the way your chimney performs.
the 'accumulation' of paperwork on her desk
the 'accumulation' of wealth
Neither imperialism nor colonialism is a simple act of 'accumulation' and acquisition.
This majority alliance is a process of gradual 'accumulation' .
It is the result of more than a century's capitalist 'accumulation' of power and concentration of wealth.
The decades of peace and 'accumulation' of wealth in the west have not only been arguably bought at the expense of the rest of the world - but also of ourselves.
Treasury figures show that wealth 'accumulation' by Australian households and businesses slowed last year.
the 'accumulation' of paperwork on her desk
Such gradual 'accumulation' overcomes our defense mechanisms and often as not causes renal failure.
Therefore, there is a strong possibility that dangerous 'accumulations' of this toxicant exist in humans and animals.
Forecasters expect significant 'accumulations' of snow from Virginia and North Carolina into New England.
The offshore area is situated within the most promising exploration theatre in New Zealand for large oil and gas 'accumulations' .
Several anglers reported large 'accumulations' of fish showing around the city centre with fish rolling in the vicinity of Butcher Terrace and along Marygate.
Run hot scalding water through the pipe to carry away any 'accumulations' .
By the end of Monday, we expect to see three to five centimetres of snow, with higher 'accumulations' towards the Pennines, the North York Moors and the Wolds.
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