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slanderous remarks are actionable
giving sufficient reason to take legal action.
insightful and actionable information on the effect advertising is having on your brand
able to be done or acted on; having practical value.
translation of 'actionable'
We need intelligence personnel to give us the 'actionable' intelligence.
Make this project 'actionable' , so you feel value in having gone through the process.
It's sorting that information and collating it in an 'actionable' form that you can go after a target.
The irony of Johannesburg is that far more in the way of practical and 'actionable' ideas may come out of the summit, but they're not likely to be the ones in the official final summit report.
Such a complainant has 'actionable' grounds within the ambit of s. 241.
But that does not mean that all other inquiries are irrelevant on the issue of whether or not the defamation should be 'actionable' .
A number of barriers to effective use of the food label were identified, and some 'actionable' tips for dietetic practice were suggested.
But, our job is to ensure our warfighters have 'actionable' information - to keep our folks safe.
This network provides each joint force with real-time, common, 'actionable' , battlespace information.
Therefore, it was said, conduct cannot be regarded as negligent unless it involves an 'actionable' breach of the legal representative's duty to his own client, to whom alone a duty is owed.
Inspired by David Allen, I try to make each item into an 'actionable' task and keep the top priorities at - yep, you guessed it - the top of the page.
In the absence of any 'actionable' evidence, the world's media seems to have made up its mind on who precisely was responsible for the Northern Bank raid.
The Commissioner adds that gathering 'actionable' intelligence on criminals and their sponsors will continue to be the priority.
And as I said earlier, we would have acted more had we had 'actionable' intelligence.
The combatant commanders need much of this 'actionable' information to make many theater-wide operational material distribution management decisions.
We welcome the fact that the initiative is structured to be simple to administer yet provide accessible, relevant and 'actionable' information.
They translate the raw data from numerous family-of-system databases into 'actionable' information for battlefield commanders.
‘You are going to the trouble and expense, so you might as well get as much useful, 'actionable' information as you can,’ says Brown.
And when, more precisely, is intelligence 'actionable' ?
These visualizations should empower users to display information and turn it into 'actionable' knowledge.
In fact, the information that was specific enough to be 'actionable' referred to terrorist operations overseas.
If a doctor were to operate on such patients, or give them other treatment, without their consent, he would commit the 'actionable' tort of trespass to the person.
First of all, on the intelligence aspects it's the hardest part of this, you know, the answer's always we don't need more troops we need more 'actionable' intelligence.
It doesn't provide any 'actionable' information at all, except to the extent of ‘maybe we should do something to stop this guy.’
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