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rats are highly adaptable to change
able to adjust to new conditions.
translation of 'adaptable'
व्यवस्था योग्य
All the depicted vegetation is highly resilient and 'adaptable' to the most hostile surroundings.
Existing cell phones should be easily 'adaptable' to work with the satellite system.
Researchers also hope to create a tank design that could be 'adaptable' to any type of solid-state hydrogen storage.
It was endlessly 'adaptable' to the changing social and economic landscape, and ruthless at ditching beliefs or leaders which stood in the way of power.
A remarkable amount of Toyota's hybrid technology is 'adaptable' to fuel cells.
Most perennials are 'adaptable' to sun or shade, various soil and water conditions.
Rational beliefs tend to be moderate, flexible, and 'adaptable' to life events.
Being a compact, three-level expressed framed structure, it was readily 'adaptable' to new uses.
They must be flexible and 'adaptable' to ever-changing schedules and situations.
They are 'adaptable' to soils and situations and can be planted beside a water-garden, as a border or on slopes to bind the soil.
We're learning that design models need to be 'adaptable' to various output methods.
We have created units that are flexible, creative and 'adaptable' to the changing marketplace around us.
We acknowledge it is not easy, but we all must be 'adaptable' to survive.
The contractual objective of the contract with Wang was that the Wang system would be 'adaptable' to new business requirements.
Therefore, it would be easily 'adaptable' for multiple purposes.
Insects and diseases don't bother them, and the plants are incredibly 'adaptable' to almost any climate.
In addition, this model must be replicable and 'adaptable' to new products and services as they come to market.
Citylink has found that Linux readily is 'adaptable' to whatever the company needs it to do.
Women are more 'adaptable' , compliant and possess the communication skills required by the call centre service economy.
Instead, one must learn tactical principles applicable and 'adaptable' to various situations.
Living languages are in constant use and therefore must be 'adaptable' to changing situations and circumstances.
Approaches to TB control should be flexible and 'adaptable' to local needs and circumstances.
Doctors need to be balanced, open, and 'adaptable' to change.
And keep an extra eye on the elderly and young children since their bodies are not as 'adaptable' to the heat.
The machines are 'adaptable' to either single or multiple filling operations.
Compared to hard law it can be more flexible and 'adaptable' to a fast changing technical and political environment.
The till is 'adaptable' to the individual needs of the retailer.
The highly divided gecko foot is also minutely 'adaptable' to bumpy surfaces and is easy to reposition, he says.
Now the Home Office says that these guns are easily 'adaptable' to fire live ammunition.
The receiver is of the flat-top variety with an accessory rail that is 'adaptable' to most optical sights.
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