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न्यायिक निर्णय
the matter may have to go to court for adjudication
the action or process of adjudicating.
translation of 'adjudication'
न्याय निर्णय,
न्यायिक निर्णय
I certainly reject any submission that Dyson J. held that the rules of natural justice do not apply to 'adjudication' .
an 'adjudication' had found a degree of unwarranted infringement of privacy
The following day, the defendant, having good reason to believe that Mr. Smalley had not been duly appointed, withdrew from the 'adjudication' .
Unfortunately they do not accept the holiday season as a valid reason to set back the question of 'adjudication' .
Thus, there is going to be an 'adjudication' to this that will have to address the economics.
The almost ontological scope for bureaucratic warfare between the White House and the State Department can only be successfully managed by firm presidential 'adjudication' .
With the demise of organized militias, they contend, the right lost any relevance to constitutional 'adjudication' .
an 'adjudication' had found a degree of unwarranted infringement of privacy
We have not had a reply, but if they do not respond, we will carry on with our 'adjudication' .
Geneva does put some constraints on the handling and 'adjudication' of detainees, but they were meaningless restraints.
And the writ of the habeas corpus was the proper process to bring the subject before the Circuit Court for its 'adjudication' .
the matter may have to go to court for 'adjudication'
In its third report, published in April 2000, the anti-corruption commission identified over fifty such cases for 'adjudication' .
the matter may have to go to court for 'adjudication'
In 1978, Ireland became the first State to bring an inter-State complaint (against the United Kingdom) before a regional court for 'adjudication' .
The process of 'adjudication' involves a preliminary recommendation by the secretariat of the Authority to which the "advertiser" is invited to respond.
Transboundary disputes are rather more likely to be suitable for 'adjudication' or arbitration than global or regional environmental problems.
The methods for co-ordinating Commission and national 'adjudication' will be considered below.
Lady Howe, the Chairman of the BSC and the Chairman of the panel which made the 'adjudication' , provided an affidavit.
The World Bank has laid stress on dispute resolution outside the court and minimising the number of pending cases in 'adjudication' .
The purpose of the 'adjudication' is to enable broad justice to be done between the parties.
Barrett wrote on 13 October disagreeing, but having made its position clear, participated in the 'adjudication' .
But people are looking for a revitalisation of arbitration with a fixed timetable as a result of their experience with 'adjudication' .
However there have been protests from parents against high levels of selection - leading to 'adjudications' from the government's admissions watchdog.
LS passes Bill for adjudication of river water rows
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