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the Court unanimously held that the hearsay was admissible
acceptable or valid, especially as evidence in a court of law.
foreigners were admissible only as temporary workers
having the right to be admitted to a place.
translation of 'admissible'
That being so, the finding by the trial judge that the accused was guilty of the offence was not supported by 'admissible' evidence.
In China, private detectives are not allowed to testify in court, and tape-recorded evidence is not 'admissible' .
The green card is given to foreigners who are 'admissible' .
In all such instances, after due consideration I was satisfied that the evidence was relevant and 'admissible' .
Further the opinion evidence now tendered relies upon factual statements which are still not supported by any 'admissible' evidence.
The principal task of the courts will continue to be to ensure that, whatever the range of 'admissible' evidence, coincidence is not confused with proof.
Their eye-witness accounts were not 'admissible' in court as evidence.
All academic documents show the student 'admissible' except for language proficiency.
However, the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada limit the number of students 'admissible' without a first degree to 10 percent.
The new Criminal Justice Bill would make hear-say evidence more readily 'admissible' in court.
They enable the court to control the evidence by excluding evidence otherwise 'admissible' and limiting cross-examination.
Whether such a statement is 'admissible' as evidence is a matter for the courts to decide.
It is likely that the court will accept that this evidence is 'admissible' , since the strict common law rule is generally ignored.
I doubt very much that such evidence would be 'admissible' in an Australian court.
This information will be 'admissible' as evidence in the court of law.
The rules of the commission provided more room to maneuver and allowed for a broader range of 'admissible' evidence.
His qualifications were called into question, but I accept he had 'admissible' evidence to give.
The onus is now on legal council to establish evidence that is 'admissible' in court of noncompliance on the part of the debtors.
For any proposed fresh evidence to be 'admissible' the following four criteria must be satisfied.
The court was left with no 'admissible' evidence on this point.
There is no merit in this claim of deficiency, on the evidence properly 'admissible' before me.
The British government wants to make them 'admissible' evidence in British courts.
I was pleased that the bill enunciates the principle that all relevant evidence is 'admissible' unless there is a policy reason to exclude it.
All the debate in the common law systems will be about the 'admissibility' of evidence.
The summary bill seeks to deal with new provisions on the 'admissibility' of written statements by witnesses as evidence.
The 'admissibility' of evidence provided by foreign governments is also cause for concern, he says.
It is for the concerned court to decide the 'admissibility' of the confessional statement.
My other concern about this is that there is no guarantee of the 'admissibility' of evidence from the database in future cases.
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