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let's be adventurous
willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.
translation of 'adventurous'
जोखिम से भरा,
When she began work as a journalist, she said, she was always 'adventurous' and very brave.
Despite an 'adventurous' menu and attractive decor, the place was never busy on a clear, bright summer's Friday night.
Good travellers are usually 'adventurous' when it comes to food.
I miss feeling 'adventurous' and having fun ideas that I want to try out with someone special.
You are ready for fresh personal experiences and 'adventurous' work projects.
Kathryn had many mind-opening and 'adventurous' experiences on her travels.
In the following year he is said to have been a pupil of Frans Hals in Haarlem, for which there is no further evidence other than an 'adventurous' and lively technique.
There are many treasures from ages past just waiting for a brave and 'adventurous' soul such as you to come and claim them.
These are excellent accessories that could add up to your Jeep's sporty and 'adventurous' qualities.
There must be some brave and 'adventurous' types at Bloomsbury.
A stylish bar/restaurant where the mood is casual sophistication and the drinks and food are modern and 'adventurous' .
Explain that if you release it, it could grow to full size and lead a relatively long and 'adventurous' life.
Hostelling International Canada has launched a new and improved membership product for 'adventurous' travellers on a budget.
The influence of sociology also encouraged experimentation with a variety of more 'adventurous' and imaginative research methods and new sources of data.
This is not a rant against modern or 'adventurous' architecture.
Relating to that audience, if it's a Buddies audience, can be an 'adventurous' experience.
Experience the world of 'adventurous' outdoor sports and travel with National Geographic Adventure.
For the 'adventurous' urbanite, how about experiencing a taste of farm life by visiting a working farm or ranch?
I tried to convince myself to be spontaneous and 'adventurous' and brave.
Four years in the making, his new album was a much more 'adventurous' and imaginative record.
These are supposed to be the most 'adventurous' years of your life, packed with experiences.
For the 'adventurous' traveller, there is no end to the things that he/she can do in the land of sun-kissed beaches and idyllic backwaters.
You now feel a little more 'adventurous' and are willing to take on a little more risk.
Secondly, we are all aware that we should try kit out in shallow water before gradually building up our depth and experience and undertaking more 'adventurous' dives.
A month-long chase is more than just an interesting and 'adventurous' journalistic experience.
The restaurant was pleasantly full: and the menu nothing if not 'adventurous' .
Stirling is a lively and 'adventurous' arts and cultural centre which stages a rich programme of events.
We are reminded that boys are conditioned from an early age to be 'adventurous' and take risks, while girls are taught to be cautious and not stray too far.
The film may not be stylistically 'adventurous' , with long scenes and conventional editing, but the content bites.
Our outings attract like-minded, 'adventurous' travelers with cooperative spirits.
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