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he accepted her reply as an affirmative
a statement of agreement with an assertion or request.
an affirmative answer
agreeing with a statement or to a request.
' Affirmative , sir,' responded the ship's tactical officer.
expressing agreement with a statement or request; yes.
translation of 'affirmative'
I want to re-emphasise once again the importance of the rapid classification measures through the 'affirmative' resolution procedures that were decided on in the amendment in 2003.
And there is a substantial doubt whether the agency was taking the kind of 'affirmative' measures to conceal her identity that the act talks about.
Mark's face became a picture of understanding and he nodded a quick 'affirmative' before swinging the door open.
I asked if I would see him later and he answered me in the definite 'affirmative' .
Activists inside the country, however, have indicated that immediate and 'affirmative' support from the international community is essential to the success of their project to restore democracy.
With this 'affirmative' vote, Michigan becomes the first state to pass the bill in its House.
The paper collects a huge database of cases involving claims of an 'affirmative' duty to disclose and examines the various variables that have been argued by theorists that explain these cases.
The present results provide an 'affirmative' answer to this question.
In general then, the relation of subject to predicate in a true 'affirmative' judgment is the relation of what is at least relatively indeterminate to what at least partially determines it.
Approval would require an 'affirmative' vote of both 90 percent or more of the total property value affected and 75 percent or more of the individual unit owners.
The patient giving an 'affirmative' answer to any of these questions would merit a more detailed assessment.
True to his progressive values, he argued that government had an 'affirmative' duty to seek out new approaches to the problems that confront society.
In arguments of this form, all three propositions (the two premisses and the conclusion) are universal, 'affirmative' , and assertoric.
Correspondingly, there is an 'affirmative' obligation on a parent to foster that relationship.
Despite his reservations, the answer is decidedly 'affirmative' .
He raised his eyebrows, which Dan accepted as an 'affirmative' answer.
It seems to have been a case in which it was argued, or it would have to be argued, that the Council, because of its powers, had an 'affirmative' obligation to put up a sign here.
Adoption shall require the 'affirmative' vote of two-thirds of the members present.
Alongside the government we shall argue for an 'affirmative' vote, but we are entitled to expect the government to raise its game and to put the case with more passion and commitment than we have seen so far.
We recognize and honor the multitudes of 'affirmative' influences people from various cultures have on our campus and our society at large.
In this way it is possible to state that the 'logic of the 'affirmative' statement ' and the 'logic of the operation' are functionally equivalent.
She was answered with an 'affirmative' from all quarters.
Last, the individual would have to know the government was taking 'affirmative' measures to protect her identity.
The availability of both emotional and 'affirmative' support is negatively correlated with depression.
That could argue that the agency wasn't taking 'affirmative' measures to conceal her identity.
The rule gives one point for an 'affirmative' answer to each question, and scores of 4 or 5 predict response to spinal manipulation.
He got 'affirmative' answers from three different people.
To demonstrate parental support within the school district, the charter must receive the 'affirmative' support of parents or legal guardians.
If a candidate can't connect with the voters, can't give them an 'affirmative' reason to support him, as opposed to the other candidates, that's his problem.
Well, they weren't taking 'affirmative' measures to protect that identity.
Still, Yet, Already का अंग्रेज़ी में इस्तेमाल
Can there be affirmative law to protect leprosy patients' rights, SC asks Centre.
Harvard admissions dean testifies as affirmative action trial begins
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