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Large quantities of ammunition and supplies had been stockpiled there.
a supply or quantity of bullets and shells.
these figures provide ammunition to the argument for more resources
considerations that can be used to support one's case in debate.
translation of 'ammunition'
गोला बारूद
The hospital official said the shell was 'ammunition' for either a rocket or mortar.
Large quantities of 'ammunition' and supplies had been stockpiled there.
Not only has he wasted 'ammunition' , but he's probably given you a good idea of where he is.
She said her group has found a lot more support and may have more 'ammunition' with which to fight.
The weapon used was a pump action shot gun and a large quantity of 'ammunition' was later found around the house and in the outbuildings.
His only consolation is that each setback provides 'ammunition' for his songwriting.
Local hardware stores were broken into to supply arms and 'ammunition' .
these figures provide 'ammunition' to the argument for more resources
She took a few of the napkins and discreetly pushed the gun and 'ammunition' into her lap.
In one media report, a ramp worker was even caught with a duffel bag of 'ammunition' and a gun at work.
It has also provided 'ammunition' for those who believe that simplicity equates with truth.
Both gunner and commander are able to fire the gun and select the type of 'ammunition' to be fired.
If you take over a gun shop, then the shop will supply you with 'ammunition' .
First, never ask what they would like to wear - it'll only provide them with 'ammunition' .
His 19 years in the Senate have provided plenty of 'ammunition' for critics to portray him as inconsistent.
an 'ammunition' dump
Perhaps they are really ready to go for it: on this evidence, they have the 'ammunition' .
It provides welcome 'ammunition' to acquire more shares when prices look attractive.
these figures provide 'ammunition' to the argument for more resources
Yet the squad still retains some of the frailties which provided the 'ammunition' for the critics.
Low on 'ammunition' , he marked a sixth bunker with smoke for Cobra gun ships to attack.
But it provides more 'ammunition' to those opposed to American corporate globalisation.
In fact, it most likely gives them more 'ammunition' to strengthen their case.
Clean out the local gun shop's supply of 'ammunition' and make a last stand, of course!
He is suspected of being a hired hitman able to supply guns and 'ammunition' to contacts in the criminal underworld.
Instead of silencing his critics, it's more likely to provide them with further 'ammunition' .
His leather-bound, regimental guns were the first to fire fixed 'ammunition' with wooden cases.
During the detente era, the Soviets were careful not to give the West too much propaganda 'ammunition' .
Three men were being questioned by detectives today after a gun and 'ammunition' were found dumped in bushes.
He likes two tackling midfielders in the centre with a couple of runners out wide providing 'ammunition' for the forwards.
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