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the family's ancestral home
of, belonging to, inherited from, or denoting an ancestor or ancestors.
translation of 'ancestral'
With adversity comes maturity, and today Westwood enjoys a new appreciation for golf's 'ancestral' home.
That which is patrimonial is that which is inherited from the 'ancestral' past.
That area, which belongs to the Maori people there in terms of 'ancestral' use, he would walk all over.
I suppose you posh newcomers want to hijack our 'ancestral' lands to grow your own organic fruit and veg.
Moreover, all other lineages can be traced to one of the 'ancestral' types found in Africa.
It thus seems likely that the 'ancestral' arthropod from which insects evolved had appendages on all its segments.
The father of two sons and six daughters, Muktiram lives in his 'ancestral' home in Bharatpur.
The significance of the 'ancestral' gods was an innate part of my growing up in Fiji.
Think of the excitement a visit to his 'ancestral' home there would create.
This gives you an idea of just how ancient this particular species was in terms of its 'ancestral' lineage.
Maybe it's the Maori 'ancestral' blood going all kooky at being reunited with its ancient habitat?
These non-literate people were fighting to protect their 'ancestral' homelands and their way of life.
The Sakya tradition is closely bound up with the Khon 'ancestral' lineage, which derived from celestial beings.
An individual may claim the use of and the right to burial in the 'ancestral' lands of either parent.
In West African culture, 'ancestral' continuity is something to be celebrated rather than avoided.
The house is the 'ancestral' home of Baron Stourton but after the family moved out in the 1960s it fell into disrepair.
In addition, men possess other types of DNA that will tell him about the female 'ancestral' line.
These are the places where ancestral remains are kept and 'ancestral' spirits live.
It is believed that family members join the 'ancestral' world after death to protect the living.
This may explain the sometimes rapid reversion to 'ancestral' cell sizes.
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