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माफी माँगता हूँ
I must apologize for disturbing you like this
express regret for something that one has done wrong.
translation of 'apologize'
क्षमा माँगना,
किसी अपराध के लिये शोक प्रकट करना,
विनती करना,
क्षमा-याचना करना
क्षमा मांगना,
खेद प्रकट करना
We deeply regret that this ad ran and we 'apologize' if some individuals have been offended by its content.
He had taken a huge leap, seeking her out to 'apologize' to her and admit that he had been wrong.
We deeply regret our misguided support and 'apologize' for our previous email.
We will 'apologize' to those customers affected and regret this mistake.
I must 'apologize' for disturbing you like this
I must 'apologize' for disturbing you like this
I informed him that I had come back to 'apologize' for the wrong I had done, if he would permit me to do so.
we 'apologize' to him for our error
we 'apologize' to him for our error
Then the waitress came back and took the latte away, 'apologising' for bringing me the wrong coffee.
It says even more when he 'apologizes' to people whom he hasn't wronged, and doesn't apologize to those whom he has.
He 'apologised' to the victims who were injured, and regretted the consequences of his actions.
This from a man who can't 'apologise' for the big stuff he has got horribly wrong.
At this point the first woman went beetroot red and began 'apologizing' and stuttering something about not meaning any offence.
The webmaster was 'apologising' to his readers for having printed wrong information.
No one is charged, no one is 'apologizing' and no one is certain what happens next.
If I scold her for something, most of the time she genuinely 'apologizes' .
She 'apologizes' for being late, saying that she ‘miscalculated the traffic’.
The family regrets and 'apologizes' for the omission in the previous obituary.
He never specifically admits wrongdoings, but if anyone was offended, he 'apologizes' .
There is nothing humble in living below our best, 'apologizing' , as it were, for our existence.
His staff are striving to find a form of words to allow him to express his regret without officially 'apologising' for the debacle.
Should he have mentioned that he was specifically 'apologizing' to the alleged victim?
Humility has nothing to do with grovelling, or 'apologizing' for one's existence.
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