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he felt sick with apprehension
anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.
the pure apprehension of the work of art
understanding; grasp.
translation of 'apprehension'
पकड़ा जाना
Experiences are grasped through either 'apprehension' or comprehension.
This attitude, understandable though it is, hinders our 'apprehension' of reality.
But the perceptions of the senses are a low form of 'apprehension' .
This helps in no way at all to prove that such experience is direct 'apprehension' of God and helps in no way to support the existential claim ‘God exists’.
Poetry, music, art - these among others are vehicles that try to render the ineffable into some degree of conscious 'apprehension' and communication.
Consciousness requires the simultaneous 'apprehension' in one's mind of multiple sensory features pertaining to a single scene or object.
Section 18 requires an intention to do grievous bodily harm or an intent to resist or prevent the lawful 'apprehension' or detainer or any person.
they acted with intent to prevent lawful 'apprehension'
The latter requires some sort of acquaintance with, or 'apprehension' of, objects like numbers.
The knowledge, then, is transformed either through intention or extension and grasped either by comprehension or 'apprehension' .
A protection finding is based upon the situation that existed at the time of 'apprehension' and not at any later date.
his first 'apprehension' of such large issues
Wisdom is the pure non-verbal 'apprehension' of All.
he felt sick with 'apprehension'
In the case of police dogs that propensity is put to a socially useful purpose, the 'apprehension' of persons reasonably suspected of having committed arrestable offences.
How public was the juvenile's arrest, 'apprehension' , or the incident that landed the juvenile in the public eye?
The protection finding is based upon the situation that existed at the time of 'apprehension' and not the date of trial.
he felt sick with 'apprehension'
A warrant of arrest issued for the accused's 'apprehension' .
the pure 'apprehension' of the work of art
He hadn't seen any recognition or 'apprehension' in her lovely eyes, but still, there had been something there…
There is no doubt that ultimately that may include the issue of warrants for their physical 'apprehension' which will be executed by officers of the South Australian executive.
The range of reasonable 'apprehension' is at times a question for the court, and at times, if varying inferences are possible a question for the jury.
His testimony takes various forms: an interview with a journalist in South America before his 'apprehension' ; memoirs and evidence at his trial.
He should have been serving a sentence now and he has avoided 'apprehension' .
The new cinema recognizes that any 'apprehension' of the present is predicated upon an understanding of the past.
It is a kind of gnosis, or direct 'apprehension' of truth, which deepens over time and eventually reaches full maturity in the complete awakening experienced by the Buddha.
Now, we say, your Honour, against us there is a frozen case based on the circumstances at 'apprehension' .
For her, the aim of painting is toward the sensate 'apprehension' of exuberant experience.
The bridge between the disparate realms of knowledge and faith was an intuitive mode of perception or 'apprehension' called Ahnung.
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