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he felt apprehensive about going home
anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen.
of or relating to perception or understanding.
translation of 'apprehensive'
Another pause and she strained for the answer, nervous and 'apprehensive' all at once.
The board of directors looked tense and 'apprehensive' , anticipating the storm that was about to break.
In the absence of common interests states will be competitive, 'apprehensive' , and even fearful.
A lot of those deals are very tight and clients become 'apprehensive' .
He invariably looks good, but his expression frequently verges on concerned and 'apprehensive' .
And I must confess to being a trifle 'apprehensive' in the days leading up to the concert.
She wore an expression that could either be read as 'apprehensive' or frightened, depending.
If the horse gets 'apprehensive' or frightened, his back tightens and shortens.
Her arms are crossed and her face 'apprehensive' , but she claims she's not nervous.
It was a mixture of anger, worry, and sadness with tears welling in her 'apprehensive' eyes.
For ten days or more I never heard a peep from him and I was beginning to feel less 'apprehensive' about the whole experience.
I am very nervous and 'apprehensive' , particularly as the hours are ticking away.
Approaching exam time children get 'apprehensive' and nervous about learning and become worried about making a fool of themselves.
I was very anxious and 'apprehensive' about going in to work.
An anxious start I was a bit 'apprehensive' at the start of this week.
Our staff report feeling constantly afraid and 'apprehensive' even when they are safe at home.
Obviously I'm still nervous and 'apprehensive' , but sometimes you've got to do certain things.
Why were these people frightened and so 'apprehensive' if he had committed no crime?
Anyway… I never realised just how worried and 'apprehensive' he was about her visiting.
The marines were pumped up for action, but also thoughtful, nervous and even 'apprehensive' .
If everything had been taken into account, her 'apprehensiveness' towards others had probably started in elementary school, around second grade.
Patients experience overwhelming 'apprehensiveness' and anxiety, fear of death, and coldness, followed by body weakness and dizziness.
He has to be double-handcuffed when they 'apprehensively' allow him out of his cell.
The men at the resort all looked 'apprehensively' at this glow and we learnt that a forest fire was headed towards our resort.
We wonder 'apprehensively' about what will happen to the traffic as the economy expands, and ever more people switch from two wheels to four.
It's almost as if all of his 'apprehensiveness' and non-action stems from a lack of confidence in his own intelligence, or decisions.
John shrugged off his 'apprehensiveness' , looking away.
You're driving mad with all this constant eye moving, and 'apprehensiveness' , and such.
I looked around 'apprehensively' to find the ‘essential services only’ notice but could see nothing.
One of the boys sleeps on a sofa while the other stares complacently at the camera, arms raised 'apprehensively' .
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