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the appropriation of parish funds
the action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission.
So he's going to remind us that our homeland is more secure, but it needs to be even more secure yet, meaning appropriations of money.
a sum of money or total of assets devoted to a special purpose.
translation of 'appropriation'
The power of this image has begun a trend of 'appropriation' within art culture.
The compelling visuality of the work of art resists 'appropriation' by either the cleverness of historical explanations or the eloquence of descriptive language.
She presents her 'appropriation' of pornographic images of women, taken directly from porn magazines, as a reaction against the conservative religious values of her native Egypt.
He believes cultural 'appropriation' is ‘artistically wrong.’
To defend appropriation for a moment, one of the things artists of that generation articulated was the impossibility to conceive of cultural production as anything other than 'appropriation' .
The bill called for a modest 'appropriation' of five million dollars per year to launch the project.
And a private member's bill is legislation covering anything other than legislation imposing or varying a tax or requiring the 'appropriation' of revenue.
the 'appropriation' accounts
This provides that a person's 'appropriation' of another's property is not to be regarded as dishonest if he believes that he has the right in law to deprive the other of it.
Issues of cultural 'appropriation' and colonialism come to the surface against a backdrop of often confusing or nonsensical vignettes from various Tintin stories.
Or is it merely 'appropriation' of the latest fad?
The requirement of a legislative 'appropriation' applies to an expenditure by the Crown to perform a contract no less than an expenditure for any other purpose.
As one moves further from the Wiccan mainstream, neopaganism's eclectic quality - its status as a religion of 'appropriation' - becomes yet more obvious.
Although Congress has scrutinized the subsidy almost annually and until 1993 required annual renewals, its character as a tax 'appropriation' has made the subsidy less publicly visible.
dishonest 'appropriation' of property
To use that intellectual property for private purposes - or not to share that information with the public - is just as serious an offence against the public as any other 'appropriation' of public property for private purposes.
the hallmark of postmodernism has turned out to be 'appropriation'
She plays with the problem by knowing that art cannot simply or purely give voice to the voiceless, and that if the voiceless are to have a voice, and in particular their own, they can only have it through art's 'appropriation' .
One can never forget how much he rejected or ignored during the years spanned by this collection, from Pop art and Minimalism to photo-based art and 'appropriation' decades later.
A much bigger threat to our freedom is an overweening state that plays on our fears to justify the 'appropriation' of even more money to special interests, the mobilization of which will ensure that it stays in power.
Techniques such as 'appropriation' and collaging originated in the Arts, with the Cubists, Dadaists, and Surrealists at the beginning of the twentieth century.
The genocide, dehumanisation of the people through forced labour, expropriation of land and 'appropriation' of cattle all contributed to the redefinition of manhood.
While I know plagiarism, 'appropriation' , copying, etc exist, I also know that every instance of similarity does not equal an instance of compromised professional ethics.
In this sense, one of the primary postconceptualist strategy, 'appropriation' , was deployed rapaciously upon Conceptual art itself.
American culture, the editors argue, has been developed in the ‘flux of 'appropriation' and contrast from and with the margins of society.’
More specifically, there are signs that the photographer put an idiosyncratic and skeptical spin on his 'appropriation' of various graphic tactics and values.
I think there will be money in a supplemental 'appropriation' as early as next week.
Indeed, 'appropriation' may be what her work is principally about: even the seeming originality of the digital elements depends on a prior image source.
After all, technologically ambitious image making has always developed in two complementary and competing paths: as overwhelming presentation in a public space and as private 'appropriation' .
Looting of their properties and 'appropriation' of their business establishments are undertaken to ensure that they do not return.
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