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The interagency group, comprising State Department historians, archivists and federal agency officials, has to be created within 60 days after the law is enacted.
a person who maintains and is in charge of archives.
translation of 'archivist'
Waterford City Council was the first local authority to appoint an 'archivist' under the 1994 Local Government Act.
One of those questioned was reported to have been on the staff of the Hamburg police force, where he was employed as an 'archivist' .
Principal 'archivist' John d' Arcy has been employed at the Record Office since 1973 and said the range of work particularly appealed to him.
Next Ian headed off to see the Salford 'archivist' to gather any information he could find.
The material which I have collected will at some time in the future be presented to the 'archivist' of the British Music Hall Society.
Instead of examining individual records, the modern 'archivist' manages information streams.
By next week they hope to have the latest information from their part-time 'archivist' on how much cataloguing has been done, and when the first batch of documents could be sent home to the town.
In the case of film, the collaboration between professional 'archivists' and amateur collectors took decades to establish; perhaps in the case of television, it need not take so long.
The Navy's historians, librarians, and 'archivists' assist academic researchers in finding materials they need for research.
Many languish unseen in studio vaults, in the holdings of amateur and professional 'archivists' and at the Library of Congress.
When the web arrived, 'archivists' , librarians and registrars-general recognised it as a wonderful way of making their treasures available.
Professional 'archivists' from around the country will be running this library, not press secretaries.
The Contra Costa 'archivists' confirm that the documents are real - and that they come from the Contra Costa County archives, not San Francisco.
The highly graphic yet informational displays are a collaboration of several 'archivists' and Jennifer Stone, an experienced graphic artist in museum and archival work.
Catalog records are most often produced by trained catalogers or 'archivists' .
It is an invaluable guide for collectors and a key resource for sound recording 'archivists' .
The interagency group, comprising State Department historians, 'archivists' and federal agency officials, has to be created within 60 days after the law is enacted.
It summarizes a July 2001 workshop that brought together behavioral scientists and 'archivists' to discuss the future of data archiving for animal cognition research.
However, it is doubtful even with the enthusiasm of a small number of professional librarians and 'archivists' that this will be successful.
At present there are three qualified 'archivists' and one trainee, all of whom read medieval Latin and ancient handwriting.
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