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the police arrested him for possession of marijuana
seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.
the spread of the disease can be arrested
stop or check (progress or a process).
at 6 feet 6 inches he was an arresting figure
striking; eye-catching.
the arresting officer
a person or agency that seizes and detains (someone or something) by legal authority.
translation of 'arresting'
हैरत में डाल्नेवाला
TMZ has four pages of the original report prepared by the 'arresting' officer in the case, L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee.
I was in graduate school by then and knew the 'arresting' officer because we'd gone to high school together.
Alice Maher's floor-to-ceiling Ombre drawing also carries that authority, an 'arresting' presence of cascading hair that at once shrouds and outlines the female body hidden within.
Uncle Dave had a healthy disrespect for authority and his advice to ‘always take the 'arresting' officer's number’ has stood me in good stead.
A cop on the other side of the room tells the 'arresting' officer that there's a help desk number tacked up underneath the memos on the booking area bulletin board.
Thankfully, CQ2 is more than anything a showcase for Furey, who is an 'arresting' screen presence, an unusual beauty, and a more than capable dancer.
Yes, it's a sensational, 'arresting' number, which may soon pass into general circulation.
Before this happened, they had turned out a string of 'arresting' films, many of which were hits - Thunder Rock, The Guinea Pig, and I'm All Right Jack, to name but a few.
When the Wagners were left alone in the police cruiser, a tape recording released by the police indicates that they schemed to murder the 'arresting' police officers.
More persons know Alkazi by his awesome reputation than by his 'arresting' theatre productions.
He told the 'arresting' officers that he had fired in self-defense.
The record proved that the 'arresting' officers never attempted clarification.
A federal judge dismissed the charges because the 'arresting' officers had violated the act by receiving the Army's help.
The band accompany her perfectly throughout, building to an 'arresting' climax of the kind that leaves you with nothing else to say but ‘wow’ - which doesn't happen very often.
When she didn't receive a satisfactory response, she sued her 'arresting' officer and the city of Lago Vista, claiming her Fourth Amendment rights had been violated.
It makes for an 'arresting' and accomplished film with some truly outstanding acting along the way.
Initially, most thought that having a false name and no identification would make it more difficult for the 'arresting' authority to prove that they were Arab.
Indeed, when the insulting language case against Jefferson came up for hearing at the District Courts in Castries, the 'arresting' constable did not appear and so the case was struck out.
A retrospective devoted to the cult American photographer, who homed in on the weirder aspects of humanity, this large, 'arresting' show also includes documents, cameras and memorabilia.
Particularly 'arresting' are those pictures which reveal the incredible symmetry and patterning to be found in the natural world, but all bear eloquent testimony to the planet's beauty.
Along the way it sparkles with 'arresting' images to throw a provocative and highly unusual light on almost everything from British naval supremacy to the French defeat in the 2002 World Cup.
I was tracking something down at Don Park's Daily Habit, and noticed an 'arresting' graphic: a fractal blogspace for Don Park.
Evans was jailed for 21 hours, but she was surprised to discover that her 'arresting' officer agreed with her opposition to the war in Iraq.
Archer's Goon is an 'arresting' and impressive book; it deserves to be read more widely than it probably will be.
The book's sad and enigmatic title appears under an 'arresting' cover photograph of a Yolngu warrior, Witiyana Arika, playing the traditional clapsticks.
However, it certainly is an 'arresting' spectacle, and the skills and daring of the cast and director can't be faulted.
It has been reported that he was wearing a rucksack when arrested and that that was thrown out of the window by the 'arresting' officers.
Next, the 'arresting' officers must notify the district attorney's office that they have a suspect ready to be entered into the criminal justice system.
It was a remarkably 'arresting' photograph, and I decided to pick up the record on the spot.
It is a pity that there exists no serious biography of Archibald Wavell, an intriguing and 'arresting' figure.
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