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छापा मारनेवाला
The assailants fled after the attack, for which no militant group has claimed responsibility.
a person who physically attacks another.
translation of 'assailant'
पिल पड़नेवाला,
धावा बोलनेवाला,
छापा मारनेवाला,
आक्रमण करनेवाला
आक्रमण करनेवाला
It also appears the 'assailant' was wearing a jacket the night of the assault.
She was then grabbed from behind and assaulted by a mystery 'assailant' .
The angle of entry of the arrow indicates that the 'assailant' was standing below his victim when he attacked.
the police have no firm leads about the identity of his 'assailant'
The victim was unable to give many details about her 'assailant' because the attack was over in seconds.
As I physically wrenched her 'assailant' away from her, my sign was also grabbed and ripped up.
The family dog, an American pit bull, was shot and killed in the attack after it jumped up and bit the 'assailant' on the arm.
The magistrate still insists he is confident of his 'assailant' 's identity.
Now the theory runs that one or more 'assailants' killed the poor fellow in a two-day running fight.
The club's lights had been tampered with by the 'assailants' and many were crushed in the rush for the exits.
I cannot provide more details, but the police know who one of the 'assailants' is.
The age range of 'assailants' further suggests that this was not a crime confined to young men.
It is common in knife attacks for such 'assailants' to strike quickly and repeatedly.
She died in a hail of bullets fired on Sunday by two 'assailants' using assault rifles.
The pair were attacked with knives before their 'assailants' fled the scene.
Despite an intensive police search, neither the attacker nor his two 'assailants' were found.
The 'assailants' fled after the attack, for which no militant group has claimed responsibility.
Pakistan has condemned the attack and denied any connection with the 'assailants' .
Some of the 'assailants' were known, and some even openly boasted of their acts.
Most 'assailants' are unprepared for this type technique and it takes them totally by surprise.
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