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Political opponents were assassinated , women were raped before being mutilated and killed.
murder (an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.
translation of 'assassinate'
कतल करना,
छिप कर मारना
कपटवध करना,
हत्या करना
Let's make that clear to our audience, lest they go running off and 'assassinate' him in the courtroom.
Neither did it mention the plans to 'assassinate' the foreign secretary and leading British political figures.
The instructor puts a single bullet into a gun, and tells the first candidate, a man, to go and 'assassinate' the person in the next room.
Well, I think it would be a terrible thing for us to say we're just going to go in and 'assassinate' the guy.
Absolutely none of which is a reason to 'assassinate' anyone.
At the top of the mountain, anti-cloning extremists 'assassinate' him, and everyone else on board the helicopter, too.
He announced that he knew of the existence of someone trying to 'assassinate' him, which frightens him.
I told him I thought it was the right decision, given that one of the chaps he met over there has been accused of trying to 'assassinate' the President.
The world has witnessed innumerable political 'assassinations' but few have had earthshaking consequences.
It would be my last if I am 'assassinated' on the way out of the Town Hall.
There were also a number of other attacks and 'assassinations' , using machine guns rather than car bombs.
We are talking of torture and extrajudicial executions or 'assassinations' .
Through the same entrance now goes the man accused of 'assassinating' the president.
A few months later he was 'assassinated' in the midst of his army in October 1981.
Some of these fascists are crazy and one of them might well have 'assassinated' her.
We've also heard of several more abductions and now 'assassinations' .
It has also raised fears that political 'assassinations' are making a comeback as a way to eliminate opposition figures.
You can also see the car in which he was riding when he was 'assassinated' in 1923.
Terrorist groups 'assassinated' politicians and bombed public buildings.
I'm going to interview the man that nobody has talked to, the man that has just been charge with 'assassinating' the president.
Both presidents were 'assassinated' in office and both assassins used their middle names for preference.
Two weeks ago a gunman nearly succeeded in 'assassinating' the president.
He was 'assassinated' last week, though apparently not due to his views on immigration.
Political opponents were 'assassinated' , women were raped before being mutilated and killed.
It was the first time in modern history a Dutch political leader was 'assassinated' .
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