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clear, authoritative information and advice
able to be trusted as being accurate or true; reliable.
she had an authoritative air
commanding and self-confident; likely to be respected and obeyed.
translation of 'authoritative'
His fluent Hindi and 'authoritative' self-confidence impressed even the police.
But its contents elevate it to the status of an 'authoritative' book.
In its afterword, he offered it to them as an 'authoritative' text.
What marks it out from all other broadcasting organisations is that people trust implicitly that its journalism is impartial, 'authoritative' and true.
Yet most students who enrolled in the new course saw the Internet as not only 'authoritative' and reliable, but also comprehensive.
‘Bring him to me,’ she commanded, her voice 'authoritative' and unwavering.
Her would-be husband had a reputation among the men as a quietly 'authoritative' man, a demanding but not cruel commander.
In the short term this means providing 'authoritative' information in the form of a growing range of literature, a web site, a membership magazine as well as more innovative projects linking into the community.
So I simply pulled together some quotes - just the facts, taken from the most 'authoritative' and reliable sources I could find.
If the IRS is the 'authoritative' source of tax information, is there any reason to look elsewhere on the Net for tax expertise?
The lesson is: there is always an inherent danger in compiling 'authoritative' lists, as something will always be forgotten.
It is only when she sings of her sacred mission to lead her country's army that she assumes an 'authoritative' tone which assures the listener that she can command an army in battle.
These sources are, according to the figures represented, reliable, 'authoritative' and well-meaning.
There isn't an exhaustive amount of 'authoritative' or reliable information about his life, and there is an exhaustive amount of confusing folklore.
I suspect that the day of the 'authoritative' textbook has forever passed.
The voice is gentle, yet 'authoritative' ; both calming and commanding.
His tone was so 'authoritative' that, after a moment's thought, I obeyed.
The same year, he published his famous manual on tropical diseases, an 'authoritative' text that appeared in several subsequent editions.
It stands without peer in the public arena as the most 'authoritative' record of one of the nation's most trying experiences.
She managed to be both gentle and 'authoritative' and I trusted her to bring you into the world.
If you want to command respect, having a strong, 'authoritative' voice helps.
On the other hand, we have normally acquired the relevant information from suitably 'authoritative' sources, such as approved textbooks, and thus have reason to think it reliable.
This was pretty much what one would expect, and people of my age generally regard the Times as an 'authoritative' source of accurate news.
W. G. McMinn, A Constitutional History of Australia, is an 'authoritative' text.
What is required is the 'authoritative' resolution of a legal issue.
It follows the series' standard format with the 'authoritative' text, here based on the 1674 edition with a few editorial changes, to which explanatory notes are given.
For more information on calculus textbooks written in the nineteenth century, see the 'authoritative' article by George Rosenstein.
It is important, therefore, for skin and wound care practitioners to be able to turn to credible, 'authoritative' sources of information on skin and wound management.
An 'authoritative' German voice crisped the air, asserting itself above the general drone.
I also can't see why some people see his book as the only 'authoritative' source of information on the issue.
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