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he gives a vivid description of his childhood in his autobiography
an account of a person's life written by that person.
translation of 'autobiography'
the book is a curious mixture of 'autobiography' and fantasy
On a related note has any one read his 'autobiography' ?
he gives a vivid description of his childhood in his 'autobiography'
In four volumes of 'autobiography' and three books of journals he distilled much of the flavour of each decade of a remarkable century.
It is a unique record that pushes at the boundaries of 'autobiography' and fiction.
I'm of another party, the one that says all 'autobiography' is fiction.
The details, he says, are pretty much straight 'autobiography' , the sentiments also.
Indeed there is probably more fiction in autobiography than there is 'autobiography' in fiction.
It went right across the board - from literary fiction to celebrity 'autobiography' .
Although he claims that his films should not be read as 'autobiography' , he is a past master at transforming his life into art.
Let's just say that by 30, I want to have had an international best-selling 'autobiography' .
Her art combines romantic 'autobiography' and detached conceptualism.
And members of the winning team will each receive a signed copy of his new 'autobiography' .
I'm always reluctant to do so because I don't want this blog to turn into 'autobiography' by other means.
he gives a vivid description of his childhood in his 'autobiography'
This is autobiography, and since when have we been worried about 'autobiography' being indulgent?
There is an unusual emphasis on ghosts in her 'autobiography' .
It is part 'autobiography' , part history, part psychological investigation of the Scottish character.
In a surprisingly candid 'autobiography' , he reveals how his upbringing shaped his writing.
If all fiction is autobiography, then we must suggest that perhaps all 'autobiography' is fiction.
He then adds in elements of 'autobiography' , fragments of myth and history and a dose of magic realism.
The relation between 'autobiography' and your writing is a complicated one.
The blues sounded like 'autobiography' , like ordinary people telling the story of their lives.
Famous in his lifetime as a journalist, literary editor, 'autobiographer' and short story writer, he is now out of print and increasingly forgotten.
Superstar 'autobiographies' usually have a few wild statements.
The author also suffers from the fact that two of his subjects have written terrific 'autobiographies' .
People in their twenties should have better things to be doing than writing 'autobiographies' .
He wrote two 'autobiographies' and many novels loosely based on his family's history and yet he remained, it seems, a private man.
One of my guilty pleasures is reading military 'autobiographies' .
Like many 'autobiographers' , her honesty leans towards self-indulgence in her refusal to attempt to give the reader anything more than a blandly introspective narrative.
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