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the federation included sixteen autonomous republics
(of a country or region) having self-government, at least to a significant degree.
translation of 'autonomous'
स्वराज्य के अधीन
An 'autonomous' , independent press is still the most powerful bulwark of democracy.
Buffon was among the first to create an 'autonomous' science, free of any theological influence.
The country is divided into twenty-three provinces, five 'autonomous' regions, and four municipalities.
In a patriarchal society men fear independent 'autonomous' women.
The process was designed, in Stalin's words, to produce republics and 'autonomous' regions that were national in form, but socialist in content.
If conforming documents are presented, the bank owes an 'autonomous' duty to the beneficiary to make payment to it at the place designated for payment.
This crisis has proved that high income is not synonymous with a civic society that is independent and 'autonomous' .
Kant now develops his conception of the 'autonomous' agent.
Soon it was in conflict with an 'autonomous' republic in its territory, which it wanted to retain.
The growth of independence is surely a part of becoming 'autonomous' during adolescence, but autonomy means more than behaving independently.
I believe that a woman's right to choose gets to the very heart of what it means to be an 'autonomous' , free human being.
There were seventeen of them - one minister from each of the seventeen 'autonomous' regions.
Yet the 'autonomous' individual, gloriously independent in his decisionmaking, can easily seem to be a fantasy.
They are one of the most 'autonomous' and independent of animals, which is why you don't find a wolf act at the circus.
The 'autonomous' region is now in the next stage of a grindingly long battle between tradition and modernity.
The Spanish government designated it as an 'autonomous' region in 1985.
They have established an alternative system of government with 'autonomous' regions, and district and village level authorities.
The obscurities of agent-causation are enough to prevent most philosophers from embracing this conception of 'autonomous' agency.
The State Council has stipulated that each province, municipality and 'autonomous' region must report on traffic safety every quarter.
He says that those organization do not have a tradition of operating as independent, 'autonomous' entities.
The establishment of the University as an 'autonomous' statutory body independent of Government is supported by many provisions in the University Act.
By contrast the perspective of creating a separate state or an 'autonomous' region was geared to the requirements of the elite.
Being free but not 'autonomous' is a condition Kant called heteronomous.
If there is any scope for the will, Vernant notes, it is certainly not 'autonomous' will in the Kantian sense, but a will bound by fear of divine powers, if not actually coerced by them.
The government should not force us to act in our own best interests but leave us free to make 'autonomous' decisions about how to live our lives, with all the risks that involves.
The academics claim pupils who had been spoon-fed at independent schools were less able to cope with 'autonomous' learning.
Federalism is a trickier concept in the European context because the Member States are not political subdivisions of the Union, but rather sovereign and 'autonomous' entities.
We think that we determine our own fates, that we are free and 'autonomous' individuals, when in fact we live in bubbles whose preconditions would scare us if we knew just how numerous they are.
It is an 'autonomous' independent body and received its official recognition early in its existence, in 1958.
Will she need a smaller, more supportive environment or is she 'autonomous' and independent enough to thrive on a big campus?
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