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Tatarstan demanded greater autonomy within the Russian Federation
(of a country or region) the right or condition of self-government, especially in a particular sphere.
translation of 'autonomy'
स्वत्व अधिकार,
स्वयं शासन
स्वशासित समाज,
स्वशासित जाति,
Respect for personal 'autonomy' and individual human rights was the common thread joining all issues presented at the World Social Forum.
economic 'autonomy' is still a long way off for many women
It first took up arms in 1949 to demand 'autonomy' from the military government.
The central government has said it is prepared to give the province 'autonomy' within a federal system.
Loss of 'autonomy' and control may cause the young child a great deal of anxiety.
Actions that are consistent with the dignity and 'autonomy' of moral agents are intrinsically good.
The government formally granted universities 'autonomy' over academic and financial affairs.
Both parties combine calls for greater regional 'autonomy' with demands for a larger share of tax revenues for themselves.
Even after devolution, local government had little 'autonomy' .
It is demanding 'autonomy' for the rich eastern lowland region where the natural gas reserves are concentrated.
Yes, in Kantian terms, respect for 'autonomy' is closely related to the categorical imperative of treating people as ends and not means.
There is a strong association between the principles of 'autonomy' and academic freedom and the idea of a university.
A relatively small group of nationalists demand outright independence for the island while others prefer 'autonomy' within the French Republic.
The biographer would enjoy no 'autonomy' or independence whatsoever.
This means that their criterion for resolving doubts, their criterion of private perfection, is 'autonomy' rather than affiliation to a power other than themselves.
To optimists among them, at the very least the war seems to offer an opportunity for enhanced 'autonomy' within a federal state.
And so Calanthe remained a partial 'autonomy' ; half self-governed and half controlled by the fear of the Liberators.
economic 'autonomy' is still a long way off for many women
Prior to 1917 the Bolsheviks had opposed the concept of federalism, preferring regional 'autonomy' within a unitary state.
And do we want to start down that slippery slope to losing control of our hard-won 'autonomy' ?
A former province of a state is being prepared for substantial 'autonomy' and self-government.
Emphasize the patient's 'autonomy' and control over the situation.
Subsequently, the army enjoyed an increasing amount of 'autonomy' from political control, and even from the military establishment.
I went on to talk about the need for community 'autonomy' from Government intervention.
Instead it demands a considerable degree of 'autonomy' and nurtures individualism.
There is a price to be paid for foreign capital, in terms of loss of national economic 'autonomy' , freedom of decision, and sovereignty.
It first took up arms in 1949 to demand 'autonomy' from the central government of the time.
Agencies operate with a good deal of 'autonomy' , within the overall framework set by the transgovernmental network of interior and justice ministries.
Tatarstan demanded greater 'autonomy' within the Russian Federation
For their part, the latter have signalled their readiness to drop their previous threat to split off from the rest of the country and abandon plans for a referendum on 'autonomy' .
Election commission of India
Logistics deal with US will end India's strategic autonomy: Antony
Farooq pitches for autonomy for divided Kashmir
Sangay adopts new strategy for Tibet autonomy
Javadekar assures greater autonomy to premier higher education institutions
Urjit Patel has sacrificed RBI's autonomy: Congress
Javadekar offers greater autonomy for top ranked institutes
Note ban policy: RBI's autonomy under threat, say experts
Note ban policy: RBI's autonomy under threat, say experts (Lead, correcting designation in last para)
To revive, Congress needs to give greater autonomy to regional leaders (News Analysis)
Government respects RBI's autonomy and independence: FinMin
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