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his son called home to get bailed out of jail
release or secure the release of (a prisoner) on payment of bail.
the first priority is to bail out the boat with buckets
scoop water out of (a ship or boat).
he has been released on bail
the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money be lodged to guarantee their appearance in court.
We went back out to the middle, took a light reading and removed the bails .
a bar that holds something in place, in particular.
translation of 'bail'
जमानत मंजूर करना,
प्रतिभूति स्वीकार करना,
मुचलका लेना
The waves were big and they broke into the boat, but we managed to 'bail' out the water.
They have a lift ring on the top and a 'bail' handle for use on the cook fire.
He is free on $3 million 'bail' but must attend the court hearings daily.
Another method is the use of a metal 'bail' shaped like an elongated upside down letter U which holds the ladder by a pendant rigged to the side of the ship.
The 'bail' holds the lantern burner and ventilator on the globe cage.
A Kirkwall man was released on 'bail' from Kirkwall Sheriff Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to assault and breach of the peace.
A child or young person may be either released on 'bail' or remanded to local authority accommodation.
The double wire and wood 'bail' handle makes the Casserole Carrier Basket easy to pass even when the pan is hot out of the oven.
The defendants were released on 'bail' at Cork District Court yesterday for sentencing on February 15.
He was later arrested and is in prison with 'bail' set at three million euros.
The appellants were released on 'bail' having spent approximately 7 months in custody.
An optional 'bail' arm handle is also available.
Wally, who was still on 'bail' awaiting trial for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition, got away with a small fine.
In the closed position, this cone locking 'bail' secures the traffic cones and retains them on the cone support bail for transporting.
The Court of Appeal yesterday released Mr Sheikh on 'bail' to await its decision next month on whether the case against him should go before a new jury.
The 'bail' handle can be created with an old coat hanger or other scrap of wire.
He is currently being held at Salem County Correctional Facility in lieu of $1.8-million 'bail' .
For the indication on the line, nothing could be more simple, use a lemon squeezy bottle top which hangs on the line below the open 'bail' arm.
He has pleaded not guilty and is free on almost €3 million 'bail' .
The paper 'bail' will be moved back to grip the paper against the platen.
When in the second position, the flap 'bail' holds a non-first end portion of the flap against the first inner surface of the chute.
The rope-designed hinge 'bail' secures with a figure-eight safety catch.
My folly was in thinking that the problem was that I was not getting the paper positioned properly under the paper 'bail' .
This Star model also happens to be a stripped version with no tabs, no see-through paper table (for margin set position,) no paper arms, and no paper 'bail' .
High 'bail' - reaching as much as $1 million - was imposed for those arrested by police.
Players of the machine can control, for example, a character who stands in a pit in the pouring rain and has to 'bail' water with a bucket or drown.
they feared the financier would be tempted to forfeit the £10 million 'bail' and flee
If not, it will catch on the 'bail' arm as it advances.
The 'bail' secures with a snap closure.
The item may or may not be provided with a 'bail' handle and/or a spigot assembly.
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