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Dukes, duchesses, and barons made up the nobility, while the gentry consisted of knights and lords.
a member of the lowest order of the British nobility. The term “Baron” is not used as a form of address in Britain, barons usually being referred to as “Lord.”.
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Attendants of an earl, viscount or 'baron' wore six rows of curls on state wigs and five on house wigs.
John said he bought the titles to stop them falling in to foreign hands but would not be calling himself a 'baron' .
A railroad 'baron' then donated his property on Nob Hill for a diocesan cathedral.
In pretending to be a 'baron' and a countess, the pair pokes fun at rigid class structures and upper-crust, titled society.
At the funeral of Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1792, his body was borne to its resting place in St Paul's Cathedral by no less than three dukes, two marquesses, three earls, a viscount and a 'baron' .
He had to swear an oath to the 'baron' , duke or earl, collect taxes when told to do so and provide soldiers from his land when they were needed.
Because they had sworn an oath to their lord, it was taken for granted that they had sworn a similar oath to the duke, earl or 'baron' who owned that lord's property.
a press 'baron'
At the college balls held each summer, the female companion of an Old Harrovian or Etonian would, in all probability, be the daughter of a 'baron' or a duke, wrapped in the best silk.
Our heroine goes in search of the fabled Pandora's Box in order to stop a bio-weapons 'baron' opening it up.
a press 'baron'
But in February 2004, newspaper 'baron' Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour received an unusually explicit judicial whipping.
Jay Gould, the railroad 'baron' , ordered sets of photographs and a Gerome album from Knoedler.
‘There is one more thing, 'baron' ,’ the Advisor continued.
The previous baron and baroness retired, and so a new 'baron' and baroness were created by the king.
‘Your Highness,’ the 'baron' bowed to the duke, stepping aside.
Her parents were a 'baron' and baroness and they had an older son as well that was to inherit the fief.
The action centres around a 20-year-old woman who has two loves in life - diamonds and furs - and two lovers - a 'baron' and a maharaja - who provide them.
In one delightful sequence, Bertie urges Churchill to form a new government, but asks that he leave newspaper 'baron' Lord Beaverbrook out of it.
They are being sold by Manorial Auctioneers of London on behalf of Lord Hothfield, a Cumbrian-based 'baron' whose lineage stretches back to the middle ages.
But as long as I was still a baroness and he a 'baron' , we would have to convince everyone around us that life was perfect.
Even now I hardly care who it is whether it be a 'baron' , a duke, an earl, or a lowly serf.
Happy is the press 'baron' whose political and business interests work hand in hand - or fist in glove.
The building had been around since the end of eighteenth century, planned by Lord Radcliffe, an English 'baron' , who also was one of the first settlers of Greenwood.
Marlborough prospered after Charles's victory over the Exclusionists in 1681, becoming a 'baron' in the Scots peerage and colonel of the Royal Dragoons.
The New York Times reports that the pharmaceutical 'barons' are the most powerful lobby in Washington.
Well, you see, the lords and 'barons' swore their oath to make the king sign the Magna Carta at Bury St Edmunds.
Since the stock market started to falter, more and more people have been having a go at becoming property 'barons' .
The cattle 'barons' dominated because without property rights the biggest operations gained all the competitive advantage.
In short, the great 'barons' ran Germany, or rather, each baron ran his particular corner of it.
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