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baseless allegations
without foundation in fact.
The simplicity of the original Doric baseless column even became the focal point in any discussion on the excellence of Greek art.
(of a column) not having a base between the shaft and pedestal.
translation of 'baseless'
But don't let that stop you from your 'baseless' conjecture, Josh.
Gian refused to meet the police summons for questioning, saying that the allegations against him were 'baseless' .
The article is full of 'baseless' facts with no specified source.
Mr Hoggart soon abandons his 'baseless' allegations against innocent dogs, and reports on real questions (ie ones which had occurred to me).
Tony Abbott certainly believes if you repeat it often enough a 'baseless' assertion becomes fact.
Now that Salon has backed away from the e-mail story, Krugman's allegations seem completely 'baseless' .
You know, when you take a country to war on particular grounds, and those grounds prove 'baseless' , the ethical thing to do is to resign.
However, Milne's claim that he published Freedland's piece as part of ‘a genuine pluralism of opinion’ is in fact 'baseless' .
Mr Krishna had said Mr Gowda's 29-page letter to Mr Singh contained ‘wild and 'baseless' allegations’.
I hereby clarify that this allegation is 'baseless' and unsubstantiated.
It is indeed difficult to believe that the plain, sturdy, 'baseless' column of the latter order could have been developed out of the Mycenaean shaft.
Police has contested news report about the recovery of a stolen vehicle from police station Safakadal, terming it 'baseless' and fabricated.
He argued that this was confirmatory of the fact that their allegations against him were 'baseless' and were designed to divert attention from their own misconduct.
Its parts-the simple, 'baseless' columns, the spreading capitals, and the triglyph-metope frieze above the columns-constitute an aesthetic development in stone that incorporated variants on themes used in earlier wood and brick.
Wilson's 'baseless' speculation did not accurately reflect the movement's activities in Uzbekistan or our program for reform.
Colin Powell says that the kidnapping allegations are ‘absolutely 'baseless' , absurd’.
These questions are 'baseless' and meaningless.
Well, first of all, I must reject that 'baseless' allegation.
Obviously it is not 'baseless' , because the facts are here, in black and white.
Honestly and truthfully, I'd like to underline the point that your claim above is definitely 'baseless' , misleading and untrue.
I understand this is a lecture, and one aimed at lowly game developers, but the amount of almost 'baseless' belief offered as fact is more than a little annoying.
The simplicity of the original Doric 'baseless' column even became the focal point in any discussion on the excellence of Greek art.
It is often vindictive, lying, erroneous, deceitful, 'baseless' , and devoid of any fact.
Nothing has much grabbed my attention lately, except drunk company clients 'baselessly' complaining about my work, but thankfully taking it in good grace when pointed out that the alcohol was talking.
This prat has to add to it by implying, 'baselessly' , that he might be guilty of some suicide-bombing-related-activity after all.
I don't want people to distort my words, nor 'baselessly' go on attacking handicapped people and have me take the blame for instigating it.
Lehman makes several accusations, such as an argument that Windschuttle doesn't understand the Aborigines ‘attachment to the land through its flora and fauna, and he speculates 'baselessly' about Windschuttle's motivations.
The claimant] must be able to point to a sum awarded by a jury sufficient to convince a bystander of the 'baselessness' of the charge’.
By the end of 1926 I had been convinced as to the 'baselessness' of the theory of existence of an almighty supreme being who created, guided and controlled the universe.
Given the 'baselessness' of the accusations - detailed by Quin Hillyer - the Republicans' suspicions are well grounded.
Alleged spy's statements in Pakistan baseless: India
Rumours of anti-demonetisation strike baseless: Government
Pakistan's claim of India's nuclear city baseless: Government
Corruption charges against Jay Shah 'baseless': Minister
Allegations against Amit Shah's son baseless: Rajnath Singh
Rafale allegations motivated and baseless, Sitharaman tells Lok Sabha
Tata, Ashok Leyland term Delhi government claim on buses baseless
Jeetendra faces sexual harassment charges from cousin, terms them baseless
Odisha's apprehensions over 15th Finance Commission baseless: Pradhan
'IT Department charges against Karti Chidambaram, others baseless'
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