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He has held key staff positions with troops at the battalion , brigade and division levels.
a large body of troops ready for battle, especially an infantry unit forming part of a brigade typically commanded by a lieutenant colonel.
translation of 'battalion'
सैन्य दल
Posted to the Far East, he became medical officer of an infantry 'battalion' .
Donovan had won a Medal of Honor during World War I as an infantry 'battalion' commander.
A 'battalion' of certified financial planners is in the making in the country
The corporations always have a 'battalion' of crackerjack lawyers to defend themselves.
The smallest unit of the 'battalion' is a tactical loudspeaker broadcast team.
He has held key staff positions with troops at the 'battalion' , brigade and division levels.
General Van Fleet did however command an infantry 'battalion' during this period.
Later he commanded a tank 'battalion' , an armored brigade and the First Cavalry Division.
This was different from its usual role of supporting a motorised infantry 'battalion' .
It will keep a 'battalion' of civil service economists and statisticians in work with the creation of more monitoring and evaluation.
The force now included around a 'battalion' of infantry as well as a squadron of military engineers.
National Guard infantry 'battalions' have been integrated into combat operations throughout the theater.
Instead, there is the current system of 'battalions' assigned to brigades.
Only one of these 'battalions' , the 36th battalion of the Civil Defence Corps, has been in action.
These included infantry 'battalions' , land combat support units, the Special Air Service and aircrew personnel.
When needed, the marines gather together enough 'battalions' and brigades to form a division and that's that.
India's specialized technology institutes are turning out 'battalions' of software wizards.
Legislation was introduced to control prices, and exports, to requisition cereals, and to organize labour 'battalions' to work the land.
It has, however, successfully filled a gap produced by the collapse of the big 'battalions' of the international secular Left.
Weinstein is expected to enlist the usual 'battalions' of experts on forensic science, jury selection and criminal psychology.
It will detail which four infantry 'battalions' will be cut.
A brigade normally consists of about 3,000 to 4,000 troops probably including two to three infantry 'battalions' .
Tank 'battalions' , which supported infantry divisions, were at times broken up and spread over a whole division.
Suddenly, whole 'battalions' of people with weird, rat-like faces were able to partake in a pastime previously denied them.
Throughout World War II, infantry 'battalions' did not even have battalion scouts.
I'm sure that is an apt description of the reaction of the troops in those 'battalions' .
Hoon's plan to cut British army infantry 'battalions' from 40 to 36 was announced on Thursday.
From the beginning of the attack, troops of both 'battalions' had displayed a disinclination to engage the enemy.
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