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I lost things, had things stolen, had people rummage through my belongings , my drawers.
one's movable possessions.
translation of 'belongings '
The whole family had to move upstairs after their 'belongings' had been made safe.
None of his 'belongings' had been interfered with and no possessions had been stolen.
Officers raided his room at the college that day to search his personal 'belongings' and took five letters away.
she didn't have much baggage with her as most of her 'belongings' had been sent ahead by sea
Their 'belongings' were packed into plastic bags and the family was driven to Dublin by car.
Their coats, wallets, mobile phones and other personal 'belongings' were stolen.
I've completely downsized all my 'belongings' , and can pack all of my clothes into one suitcase.
We had boxed up all our personal 'belongings' to make room in our second bedroom for our new baby daughter.
She walked into the room to find a man searching through her 'belongings' .
Once there, I laid my 'belongings' out to dry and made plans to visit a local quarry.
Manny took some personal 'belongings' from Mrs Schendel, but ignored many more valuable items.
The burglars also stole many personal 'belongings' that Cilla will never be able to replace.
Police or security guards can inspect the personal 'belongings' of people as they enter the premises.
Then we were instructed to leave our 'belongings' behind and return to the departure gate.
I noticed that his 'belongings' formed a round bulge in the bottom of a plastic carrier bag.
Homeless people were then asked to pay fifty dollars for the return of their 'belongings' .
The sprinters claim they were unaware of the tests and had returned home for personal 'belongings' .
I lost things, had things stolen, had people rummage through my 'belongings' , my drawers.
I just hope that it results in security checks on people's 'belongings' being tightened up.
I had a need to go fetch his last 'belongings' and bring them home to my house to wash them.
They add that nobody should leave personal 'belongings' and money lying around a house.
Su-30 crash: Pilot's blood stained shoe, other belongings found
Indians forget personal belongings the most in Uber rides
Rabri sends Aishwarya's belongings, Chandrika refuses to take
IIT-R develops device to disinfect personal belongings
Woman strangulates boyfriend with belt, throws belongings into Yamuna
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