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Affenpinschers and Afghans were benched side by side
exhibit (a dog) at a show.
the coach benched quarterback Randall Cunningham in favor of Jim McMahon
withdraw (a sports player) from play; substitute.
Mr Buttery wants to make more of the site, now barely more than a couple of park benches and an engraved stone.
a long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone.
I bought a plain old mechanic's bench vise and bolted it to my garage workbench.
a long, sturdy work table used by a carpenter, mechanic, scientist, or other worker.
translation of 'bench'
Why not arrange that two of the five judges on the initial 'bench' will be overseas judges with commercial experience?
He was appointed to the federal 'bench' by President Clinton and picked by the Chief Justice to serve on the spy court.
The high court 'bench' upheld the trial court's verdict in October 1997.
He moved to the 'bench' as an assistant coach prior to the start of the 1998-99 campaign.
On some occasions, teams could not even field a full complement of substitutes on their 'bench' .
He was committed in custody for sentence to Burnley Crown Court after the 'bench' said the theft merited custody.
He stared intently at the magistrates' 'bench' and his defence solicitor throughout the case and spoke only to confirm his name and address.
With all of the starting spots filled, the Mariners may try to land a hitter who can share time in the outfield and come off the 'bench' late in games.
The equipment can range from a simple draw 'bench' for intermittent drawing, to multiple draw blocks for continuous operation.
Botha granted her leave to appeal against her conviction and she will be back in court before a full 'bench' of three judges next year.
One recent hot afternoon, I was at the East Coast Park sitting on a stone 'bench' all by myself by the beach.
He rarely allowed players to act on their instincts, controlling the game from the 'bench' .
Still, McRae has not been hesitant to 'bench' players who fail to do the little things.
His wife, Belinda, recently retired as a magistrate on the Kennet 'bench' after 22 years and now the couple can enjoy their retirement.
They finally took a seat on a stone 'bench' located near one tiny pond within the back garden.
And because young children climb, never put a chair, sofa, 'bench' or even a bookcase near such a window.
This may seem obvious, but anyone who has spent much time at a gunsmith's 'bench' knows there is a natural tendency to put off jobs that are more troublesome.
In an unprecedented move Magistrate Nicholas got up from the 'bench' and sat at the bar table with the witness and the accused.
Scotland's Lord Justice General recently presided over the 'bench' of five senior judges who heard and ruled on the Lockerbie appeal.
He used to 'bench' 255 pounds, but by the end of the study, he was lifting an amazing 315 pounds!
I bought a plain old mechanic's 'bench' vise and bolted it to my garage workbench.
Watch your team, switch starters and 'bench' players to see what works.
He's got the long-hair, the ripped clothing, and he can 'bench' 200 pounds.
Then it was back to the 'bench' for big games at Tottenham and Olympiakos.
Unlike Northampton they couldn't call even better players off the 'bench' to help out.
Judge Pat lumbered up to his 'bench' high above the courtroom.
Before joining the 'bench' , the Judge was a law professor who was well known for his erudite criticism of legalized abortion.
rulings from the 'bench'
In the first 19 games, Jackson didn't make it off the 'bench' in seven games and never played more than 18 minutes.
The mock-up design featured access by ramps to all raised spaces, including the judge's 'bench' , witness stand, jury box, and clerk stations.
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