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Australia would be the beneficiary of a policy it did not have to underwrite.
a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy.
translation of 'beneficiary'
फ़ायदा पाने वाला,
लाभान्वित होने वाला
बेनिफिस का मालिक
Every human being is the 'beneficiary' of this trust, and is equally entitled to its use.
When a person donates blood, he does not and should not know who the 'beneficiary' of his act of kindness has been.
The first of these was the right of a 'beneficiary' under a trust for sale.
As the 'beneficiary' of the first trust, you can continue to live in your home rent free.
In the long term the newspaper itself is the 'beneficiary' of a policy of free access.
If the settlor is to be a 'beneficiary' of the trust, it would normally be a discretionary trust.
One 'beneficiary' of the trust was Niels Bohr, the Danish atomic physicist who went on to win the Nobel prize.
I am satisfied that the intended 'beneficiary' did not receive the funds.
So, there is, in fact, no evidence at all that she was named as a 'beneficiary' on that policy.
He denied that he was connected with the trust or that he was a 'beneficiary' of it.
Australia would be the 'beneficiary' of a policy it did not have to underwrite.
He was supposed to be the 'beneficiary' of a trust fund left by his mother when she died in 1983.
Those who are most in need would not be the only 'beneficiaries' of our policies.
The land would be held upon trust by them for the other 'beneficiaries' .
The reformists treat the working class as passive 'beneficiaries' of their policies.
The entitlement of the trust 'beneficiaries' is not affected by a contribution holiday.
Forty one percent of the 'beneficiaries' did not receive the full amount of money.
The present level of benefits means that most 'beneficiaries' are living in poverty.
This trust does not have a roll of 'beneficiaries' , and now no one will be empowered to look into this.
Any failure on its part can be visited by an action by the investors as 'beneficiaries' under a trust.
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