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bilateral hearing is essential for sound location
having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides.
translation of 'bilateral'
A chest examination showed signs of 'bilateral' lobar consolidation of the mid zones.
Even flights between the UK and the US are dictated by such 'bilateral' agreements.
We report a case of acute airway obstruction secondary to 'bilateral' broncholiths.
Austria and Bulgaria have had an official 'bilateral' cultural agreement since 1974.
She was found to have 'bilateral' temporal field deficits and was referred for a neurological opinion.
Extensive fibrosis and 'bilateral' nodular lesions can be seen on chest radiographs.
An examination under anaesthesia and 'bilateral' tonsillectomy was performed.
Mexico is the only country that has not signed a 'bilateral' agreement with China.
Security will dominate the agenda of all 'bilateral' agreements between nations.
Countries have instead resorted to 'bilateral' trade agreements in a bid to gain tariff reduction up to zero percent.
Other causes of unilateral or 'bilateral' parotitis warrant consideration however.
The Readmission Agreement is the first 'bilateral' agreement of its kind signed by Britain and is due to come into effect this summer.
Do we make heroes of people who break 'bilateral' or international agreements and embarrass the country?
Another problem posed by 'bilateral' agreements on pensions is the taxation.
'bilateral' agreement
A 'bilateral' agreement with Mexico allows workers to come to Canada for harvesting and planting.
Examine his nose for any obstruction, such as polyps or septal deviation, and whether unilateral or 'bilateral' .
However, severe side effects may occur, including 'bilateral' necrosis of the hip and gastric ulceration.
Yeung said codesharing was possible only if it was agreed under the new 'bilateral' air services agreement.
Audiological testing showed major 'bilateral' sensorineural hearing loss by 12 weeks.
Both governments are hailing this 'bilateral' agreement as an alternative to the WTO.
On chest radiography, the hydatid cysts were found to be 'bilateral' in two patients.
Dai said China will strictly enforce the 'bilateral' agreements on the matter, according to the official.
The important thing is that we do want to open up our markets to benefit all, and this is a 'bilateral' agreement that puts effect to that.
Mammography, 'bilateral' in patients who had had conservative surgery, was scheduled once a year.
He contended that the House must be involved in the making of any 'bilateral' agreements which binds the country.
He was registered blind and had been diagnosed as having gross 'bilateral' macular degeneration.
Chest radiography at this time revealed 'bilateral' opacities in both lower lung lobes.
A key development was the signing of a 'bilateral' trade agreement with the United States last July.
It usually predominates on the left side, but may be right sided or 'bilateral' .
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