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The experiment also showed that two molecules could prevent the activation of a chemical which was vital to a 'biochemical' process called proteolytic processing.
Like scraps of an old manuscript traces of ancient 'biochemical' processes survive in today's living organisms.
Salt tolerance of plants is a complex phenomenon that involves morphological and developmental as well as physiological and 'biochemical' processes.
Further elucidation of the 'biochemical' processes in these animal models of myopia may have implications for treating myopia in humans.
Thus, it is possible that HR could be the consequence of a 'biochemical' process that is actually killing both host and those of the infecting organism.
All other 'biochemical' parameters were processed within the hospital's laboratory routine service.
This is the building block for other plant products, as well as being the immediate source of energy for all of a plant's 'biochemical' processes, via its respiration back to carbon dioxide and water.
Waste in landfills decays in physical, chemical, and 'biochemical' processes that may eventually render it environmentally harmless.
A little of this can benefit marine life by providing carbonate ions - a vital constituent in the 'biochemical' process by which sea creatures such as corals and molluscs build their shells.
The body is about 70 per cent water, and this most basic of fluids participates in all the major physiological and 'biochemical' processes in the body.
Many 'biochemical' substances, principally of placental and endothelial origin, increase in pre-eclampsia.
Together, these two processes constitute metabolism, the sum of the 'biochemical' processes in an organism.
The problem remains to determine whether other decisive astronomical factors in planet formation are functionally linked to the surface conditions needed for 'biochemical' processes.
Proteins are involved in every 'biochemical' process that maintains life in a living organism.
The initiation of the neoplastic process could be caused by some 'biochemical' substances produced during metabolism in chronically inflamed tissues.
It is metabolised by the skin cells' normal 'biochemical' pathways within 48 hours and so does not lead to prolonged photosensitisation.
They might also influence free radicals: atoms with unpaired electrons that are highly reactive and play a part in all sorts of 'biochemical' processes.
The results of the mature seed composition analysis are presented as concentrations in order to reflect processes at the 'biochemical' level in the seeds.
In heavy water the hydrogen bonds are slightly stronger, and this changes the properties of the liquid sufficiently to disrupt the lubricating effect water has on 'biochemical' processes.
Inorganic nitrogen assimilation, in the form of ammonium, onto carbon skeletons for the production of amino acids is one of the most important 'biochemical' processes in plants.
Scientists have known for some time that plants were able to respond 'biochemically' to a wide range of environmental stimuli.
Patients with 'biochemically' severe hypothyroidism may present with only mild clinical manifestations, whereas some patients with moderate changes in thyroid hormones may present with severe signs of tissue hypothyroidism.
Drugs also played a major part in his recovery: ‘The pills probably helped 'biochemically' .’
These endorphins are 'biochemically' responsible for the pleasurable aspects of social interactions and social affect, and are related to attachment.
Thereafter, developing seeds are physiologically and 'biochemically' committed to storage of nutrients (principally as starch, protein, oil, and mineral elements).
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