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जीवनी का
translation of 'biographical'
चरित्र संबंधी,
जीवनी संबंधी
जीवनी का,
Leading the pack was Cheng Ta-chun for her 'biographical' work, As One Family.
The 10-meeting course will include the study of leading composers, style of writing and 'biographical' detail.
The catalogue, filled with 'biographical' detail, reads more like an article for Tatler.
Instead it is some personality traits rather than 'biographical' detail Brydon and Keith have in common.
They have done several 'biographical' works on Mozart and Liszt.
As such, this huge 'biographical' project is overblown.
There is a wealth of marvellous 'biographical' detail here, with the leading players lit up in the full glare of the garish footlights.
Above all, it is his honesty, his willingness to draw on 'biographical' detail that infuses this novel with sad, disarming charm.
A good biography is weakened by not giving the major 'biographical' facts due prominence.
The precise, 'biographical' details in this review come from his thorough and patient study which, unlike its rival, inspires trust in a reader.
He gives as full an account as possible of the actions for which the recipient got the VC and also gives as many 'biographical' details as are available.
In cinema there's also a legal pressure towards 'biographical' projects.
This 'biographical' detail is often imagined to be his nadir, but the truth is that he had passed that point.
The lack of good 'biographical' works on our non-Labor politicians is a minor scandal, so this is an event worth noting.
Mr Meehan latest book completes his 'biographical' work on Parliamentarians in Laois and Offaly since 1585.
Obviously, the central 'biographical' facts in all of these volumes must necessarily be identical.
The site contains details of his weekly diary, questions he has asked and speeches he has made to Parliament as well as his 'biographical' details.
Even if they pass it down, use of their name and 'biographical' details ensures respectful treatment from their subordinates.
It's so funny about the people it deals with and at the same time so thoughtful in its consideration of the whole 'biographical' enterprise.
Such questions lie at the heart of all 'biographical' work, but are seldom explicitly acknowledged, or deeply explored.
The film is not just a narrative on the paintings of Ravi Varma or just a 'biographic' sketch, says the director.
David Lynch's last cinematic outing was The Straight Story which demonstrated an unexpected sensitivity towards 'biographic' detail.
This was the earliest time that CIA had full 'biographic' information on al-Hazmi.
But all this is ignored, because, in order to flatten out Potter's work into 'biographic' expressivism, his modernist/formalist innovations have to be downplayed.
The 'biographic' cabaret-style show is built around the life and times of one of R & B's greatest talents, set on the heart-breaking Christmas Eve in the 70s when the love of her life tragically passed away.
Snoop Dogg debuts autobiographical film
Suchitra's autobiographical play to debut in Delhi in October
'Return to Jammu' : A coming of age novel with autobiographical interludes (Book Review)
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