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जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार
Being the good brother he is, Jacob offers Esau some lentil soup - on one condition: Esau has to forgo his birthright and inheritance as eldest son.
a particular right of possession or privilege one has from birth, especially as an eldest child.
translation of 'birthright'
जन्म हक,
जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार
This ancestral knowledge comes naturally to us; it is our 'birthright' .
Titled Esau studies, the group chose that name explicitly to reflect the younger brother's undercutting of the older brother's 'birthright' .
Mary Tudor acted swiftly to reclaim her 'birthright' ; her counter coup was decisive.
Which will leave hundreds of thousands of football fans deprived of their natural 'birthright' : when in doubt, blame the ref.
The book is divided into sections and he deals with the various geographic regions, the monarchy, Buddhism, the life of the people and how it encompasses 'birthright' , education, food, fun, death and doctors.
We will put a stop to Labour's politics of envy and give to tenants in London what is every other tenant's 'birthright' and reinstate the right to buy.
A despiser of Western religions, he was an ardent polygamist, convinced that promiscuity was man's natural 'birthright' .
she saw a liberal education as the 'birthright' of every child
We also have a 'birthright' : rhetoric's role in civic education.
This was our 'birthright' as intellectuals, but to possess it we needed to withstand the terror, loneliness, and isolation inherent in intellectual life.
Dissolving negative, harmful patterns leads toward the sense of ease, grace, lightness, freedom and good health that are every human being's natural 'birthright' .
she saw a liberal education as the 'birthright' of every child
Or will they instead, like so many lambs led willingly to the slaughter, allow themselves to be demutualised - like Esau in the Bible surrender their 'birthright' for a mess of pottage?
Once mollified, they are possessed once again of that calm which is their 'birthright' , their black gaze deep.
Rather, in this character test, Esau has denigrated the 'birthright' and has proven himself unworthy of its privileges and obligations.
Given his feats, 'birthright' , and fortunes, he concludes that he does, in fact, deserve Portia.
For the one got possession of the 'birthright' , and the other transferred the wealth of the Egyptians to the host of the Israelites.
The 'birthright' is the prerogative of the eldest son.
It returns the heart and mind to its 'birthright' , naturally luminous and free.
You know, you learn how to do justice by looking at examples of injustice - Cain killing his brother Abel, Jacob cheating his father and his brother about his 'birthright' and then being cheated.
The 'birthright' of Christian education was not stolen by skeptics and rationalists.
They just want you to have what's rightfully yours: your 'birthright' , your homeland, free from those whose ‘biological, genetic and evolutionary ancestry’ is inferior to yours.
Overall, TAU students project a sense of a 'birthright' to education that is rare at UMB.
He reminds the king that he reversed the natural order of 'birthright' when he gave his daughters the crown.
But while his passage back to Asia sounds ‘natural’, considering his 'birthright' , Pascal's career choice was not so clear cut.
I am a woman, possessing the softness and warmth that is my 'birthright' , and I love what I am.
It is my 'birthright' , as it is everyone else's in this town.
Winning national championships is not their 'birthright' , and everyone's going to survive if Duke were to somehow have a few back-to-back 15-loss seasons.
A generally accepted tenet of the American dream is that a high-quality education is a 'birthright' .
For example, Talmudic law distinguishes individuals by both 'birthright' and ritual purity.
Good governance is our birthright, says Modi as he remembers Tilak
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