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the surface of the door began to blister
form swellings filled with air or fluid on the surface of something.
the blistering heat of the desert
(of heat) intense.
translation of 'blistering '
फफोला पड़ना,
छाला पड़ना
The 33-year-old set a 'blistering' pace to finish third in the Newcomers Race.
Organisers are hoping for more 'blistering' heat to draw in the crowds.
The court's judgment contained a 'blistering' criticism of the criminal justice system.
The sessions are delivered at 'blistering' pace, some of the show - off riffs performed by youngsters only nine or ten years old.
The wife of the elusive businessman has launched a 'blistering' attack on the media over its reporting of her husband's business affairs.
As angry workers rejected the restructuring plan and proposals for widespread job losses there was 'blistering' criticism of key decisions taken by senior management in recent years.
Setting a 'blistering' pace on the run up Honey Rose scorched around the opening turns to set herself up nicely for victory.
A follow-up inspection of the council last year, which followed 'blistering' criticism two years ago, identified the housing service as failing.
During the expedition they will pass through nine of the continent's 13 countries, carrying their own food, water and shelter in often 'blistering' heat.
But the doubts about America being able to sustain her recent 'blistering' growth pace remain.
After 25 minutes or so of fairly 'blistering' invective, she gives up.
And today one local firm of merchants launched a 'blistering' attack on the decision, branding it ‘nonsensical’.
The smell was of boiling sulphur and choking grey dust, and the 'blistering' heat burnt his face, and soon the ash cloud blinded him too, but still he was not scared.
The 200 gr. load is 'blistering' fast but the light bullet keeps recoil down.
His long, thin frame, coupled with his 'blistering' pace and clinical finishing, make him the ideal counter-attacking striker and all-purpose goal poacher.
The aroma of burning wood suddenly hit his nose as 'blistering' heat blustered over him.
He cycled more than 2,000 miles following the route of the world-famous Tour de France on his own for six weeks in the 'blistering' heat of French summer.
Speediest on-baller you could ever find, he can run out the entire game at a 'blistering' pace - opposition taggers don't stand a chance.
The initial shock wasn't so much the 'blistering' pace, but the quick thinking.
He has launched a 'blistering' attack on film censorship and said there is nothing wrong with showing extreme violence on screen.
The 'blistering' heat and intense flash made Joel look away for a second.
The battle on the wings should be interesting with all four showing marvellous skill and 'blistering' pace.
Despite the 'blistering' heat, the pond is unique in the sense that it one of the biggest geysers in Java.
We spend the afternoon wandering around the area in the 'blistering' heat, popping into the various cafes to drink the best coffee in the world.
A high-ranking government official launched a 'blistering' attack on the media and the way in which the media is covering the war.
Lastly, I am a bit of control freak with a 'blistering' pace when it comes to work.
He has turned 'blistering' controversy and attacks on him personally into a movie event the likes of which has not been seen in many years.
So, did 400 million citizens and voters queue in 'blistering' heat of 40-plus to soothe the fretful nerves of the market?
Roadside vendors and auto drivers who used to park their vehicles under the cool shade of the trees will now have to brave the 'blistering' heat of the sun.
Brian was an outstanding underage player, possessing 'blistering' pace, lethal finish and he is also an accomplished goalkeeper.
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