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Already, she is in need of bodyguards to protect her from the all-too-real threat of stalkers.
a person or group of people hired to escort and protect another person, especially a dignitary.
translation of 'bodyguard'
He took courses in the field, then worked as a nightclub bouncer and a 'bodyguard' .
The presidential 'bodyguard' , the Secret Service, controlled the security operation.
We had no money at the time and couldn't afford basic security on our own homes, let alone a 'bodyguard' .
While we're at it, we can even get a 'bodyguard' to escort us from our home to the grocery.
Imran Khaliq, 24, used to work as a 'bodyguard' , security guard and nightclub doorman.
Well, perhaps not as different as Tahr's escort, but for a 'bodyguard' she was extremely small.
Campaigning then was a bit tougher than it is now, so tough in fact that George Albert employed a 'bodyguard' .
Plus he's probably got about 85 overweight 'bodyguards' that will sweep the area two hours before he comes.
The ambassador travels with a close protection team of armed 'bodyguards' .
He was one of the most tightly protected ministers with nearly 100 elite 'bodyguards' .
She left Radcliff High the next day, being escorted by two 'bodyguards' back to Tampa.
He still travels with two 'bodyguards' , pared down from the dozen who used to protect him.
He was killed as he and his 'bodyguards' tried to elude police by climbing onto a rooftop of the house where they were hiding.
I kept telling her to get a boyfriend to protect her so she wouldn't need 'bodyguards' and she wouldn't listen to me.
Assigned to the code talkers are 'bodyguards' , sent to protect them during the fighting.
As usual, the singer was flanked by 'bodyguards' wearing black designer suits.
They rely on 'bodyguards' and private security instead of the police.
Already, she is in need of 'bodyguards' to protect her from the all-too-real threat of stalkers.
Naqib defended the 'bodyguards' who shot at them, saying they were just doing their job.
Several 'bodyguards' and military escorts have been assigned to each world leader in attendance.
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