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a major breakthrough in DNA research
a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.
translation of 'breakthrough'
a major 'breakthrough' in DNA research
Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 'breakthrough' film, Cure (1997) proved he knows horror better than the rest.
His biggest 'breakthrough' came in 1976 with the release of "Wanted!".
a major 'breakthrough' in the fight against AIDS
Released in 1971, the year after Altman's 'breakthrough' film, M * A * S * H, McCabe & Mrs. Miller remains one of the key American movies of the era.
her big 'breakthrough' came on the stage when she won a Tony Award in 1958
the band's 'breakthrough' album
the band's 'breakthrough' album
Several years later, these handmade melodramas gave way to the seamless perfection of her 'breakthrough' "Untitled Film Stills."
New York's best showcase club over the last 30 years has featured 'breakthrough' performances by Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Dr. John, Sonny Rollins and many others as well as unique repertory performances.
There is every chance that Mickelson could discover a bus-like theory in his major 'breakthrough' .
But I think the real 'breakthrough' film probably was Adrian Lyne's 1987 "Fatal Attraction," which presented Glenn Close as an attractive, but fiercely vengeful modern woman, paying a man back for loving her and leaving her.
Scientists at the University of York have made a major 'breakthrough' in the fight against prostate cancer.
The 'breakthrough' concept DVD is part of the company's 25th anniversary celebration for 2005.
This 'breakthrough' film fascinates on many levels.
New technologies can happen slowly, or sometimes there may be a major 'breakthrough' .
It was a 'breakthrough' series, setting trends for all comedy films to follow.
While Jonze is batting two for two with his features, Gondry has yet to have his big movie 'breakthrough' .
his big 'breakthrough' came in 1988 when he had two paintings accepted by the RSA
There will no more be any great 'breakthroughs' or discoveries.
Just think about one of the most important 'breakthroughs' in modern medicine.
The exhibition contains material on two of his important 'breakthroughs' .
The prizes are intended to reward specific discoveries or 'breakthroughs' , and the impact of these on the discipline.
If Dr Wakefield has made such dramatic 'breakthroughs' in his research into Crohn's disease, then why is it that these are not generally recognised?
Many important medical 'breakthroughs' in recent times have been a product of this mechanism.
It's also too rigid and does not fit companies searching for innovative 'breakthroughs' .
The panels have been chosen to represent major 'breakthroughs' achieved by the CSIR in scientific research.
Improvements in agronomy are likely to be more concerned with efficiency and elegance rather than in major 'breakthroughs' .
It is true that not many major 'breakthroughs' are achieved by mathematicians over the age of 40, but this may well be for sociological reasons.
Two recent major 'breakthroughs' have revolutionized cattle-human comparative mapping.
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