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the scene was one of breathtaking beauty
astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality, so as to take one's breath away.
translation of 'breathtaking'
दम भरनेवाला,
साँस चढनेवाला,
साँस फुलनेवाला
In her paintings, she is able to express a 'breathtaking' religious ecstasy.
The views down all three branches of the lake are 'breathtaking' .
As a photographer, I am, of course, touched by the 'breathtaking' beauty of our wildlife.
The alpine air was inspirational, and the view from the tower at the summit was 'breathtaking' .
These great performances are supplemented by quite 'breathtaking' visuals of a phenomenal quality.
That said, all this 'breathtaking' footage had to be broken up somehow.
The sensuality of the moment is 'breathtaking' , causing cheeks to blush and pulses to pound.
What did those people know about the 'breathtaking' beauty of nature and her wares?
The cinematography is 'breathtaking' and every element of the production design feels authentic.
The 'breathtaking' new images from Mars have the seductive familiarity of holiday snapshots.
The result is spectacular, 'breathtaking' , and needs to be seen to be grasped fully.
Eyes that sparkled with all the mystery and magic of the dream lit up a face of 'breathtaking' beauty.
Start at the top end of town for the sheer 'breathtaking' spectacle, if nothing else.
Three particular decisions made by Government are 'breathtaking' in their foolishness.
It's a rugged county with a spectacular and 'breathtaking' coastline, full of history and legend.
The setting is a 'breathtaking' reminder of the wondrous beauty of our province.
To see these crowds running around in different directions in front of you with no slow-down was 'breathtaking' .
It was a 'breathtaking' tour, with dazzling blue waters on one side and broad flat shorelines on the other.
The music is exhilarating, the costumes are 'breathtaking' , and the acting is superb.
At the peak, the 360 degree view of the surrounding valley is 'breathtaking' on a clear day.
His plan is 'breathtakingly' simple: to row around the world.
If you enjoyed the original I'm sure you'll enjoy the sequel but don't expect anything 'breathtakingly' different…
Statistics aside, the Cathedral is 'breathtakingly' beautiful.
On criminal matters, he's 'breathtakingly' conservative.
His early films were 'breathtakingly' beautiful.
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