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the nights were dark, lit only by the brilliance of Aegean stars
intense brightness of light.
translation of 'brilliance '
he's played the stock market with great 'brilliance'
Up in the ceiling, spherical crystals of light bars radiated a 'brilliance' of pale white.
Closer to the moon, the numbers of the stars dwindled for the 'brilliance' of the light from the moon overrode it.
She saw the ripples in the water flowing towards that light, towards the 'brilliance' in the dark.
The sheer 'brilliance' of the light makes it difficult to judge the tones of the outdoor scenes he has painted.
he's played the stock market with great 'brilliance'
Where did the ambition and intellectual 'brilliance' come from?
Stars popped into 'brilliance' with cap-gun like cracks, making me think of exploding light bulbs.
Additionally, the crystal was intensifying the light from her flashlight, and the resulting 'brilliance' was near-blinding.
the nights were dark, lit only by the 'brilliance' of Aegean stars
the nights were dark, lit only by the 'brilliance' of Aegean stars
With understated 'brilliance' , she uses typical photographic structures to picture atypical family groupings.
Every now and then, there emerges a star, which, by its sheer 'brilliance' , throws light far from where it originated.
The dialogue is pitch-perfect, the acting a model of understated 'brilliance' .
Incandescence by the way means a high degree of emotion, intensity and 'brilliance' .
This wealth of sample-worthy material draws Axelrod's 'brilliance' to light even further.
In truth, space is a very bright place with incalculable flashes of 'brilliance' filling trillions upon trillions of light years.
They were a red 'brilliance' and gave the whole stone flooring a colour of blood.
The strategic 'brilliance' , wisdom and noble character of Washington made it possible, I believe.
It is as if all my cells respond to their 'brilliance' and become light too.
After six decades on the world's concert stages, Rosand's artistry and technical 'brilliance' remain undiminished.
This is a trait far rarer than 'brilliance' and wit.
For a system that boasts a dispassionate reliance on artistic 'brilliance' as its arbiter, this anomaly is a crisis.
During a long job interview process, consistency counts much more than flashes of 'brilliance' .
We rarely hear Saint-Saëns for his piano music, except the 'brilliance' of his second piano concerto.
The sky was clear, the sky velvet black, the stars hard in their 'brilliance' .
That a thirteen-year-old could play Beethoven with such accuracy and 'brilliance' astonished the senses!
We exalt effortless 'brilliance' , we celebrate talent and the achievement that comes easily, naturally.
For the past week, one has heard the clarity and 'brilliance' of his vision.
lapis lazuli was highly regarded for the 'brilliance' of its colour
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