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In response to the speech, roving thugs immediately executed 145 businessmen .
a man who works in business or commerce, especially at an executive level.
translation of 'businessman'
The amiable smile for a fleeting moment gave way to the impassive stare of a serious 'businessman' as his mind turned to more serious matters.
Peck was too astute a 'businessman' to believe such a hall could be financially self-supporting.
The smart 'businessman' thinks like a ball and remains in balance no matter what happens.
Any businessman who doesn't know the state of his company's finances is not a 'businessman' .
Mr Dyke, an astute 'businessman' and inspirational boss, was battling for the BBC's independence.
his knowledge and talent were never in question, but he was a poor 'businessman'
I am convinced that no one could have done just as I did, no matter how able a 'businessman' he was.
The land was sold on to a developer in 1995 but the mystery 'businessman' continued to have a financial interest.
Such rare failures seem to matter little to the hordes of western 'businessmen' and women packing the hotel bars of the city's glitzy financial district.
The rest of them are well-educated, successful 'businessmen' , involved in a lot of charities.
And so far, its leaders and 'businessmen' say the chancellor has not just talked the talk, but walked the walk.
Neither does he have a big executive car, the sort that many Korean 'businessmen' like to be seen chauffeured about in.
They're the essence of traditional New England Republican 'businessmen' .
He can't be truly touched by tormented artists, repentant priests, or manipulative 'businessmen' .
I've always said that we needed to look at it as 'businessmen' always look at high-risk business investments.
But we lend stars our affections only; we lend 'businessmen' our chance of future prosperity.
In his film General Dolores decides to relinquish his power and his guns to the teachers, doctors, and 'businessmen' .
With the industry flourishing, more foreign 'businessmen' are beginning to rush in to get a share of the market.
Oil company executives are 'businessmen' and they are in a business that requires long-term stability.
The business school isn't looking for stylish and amusing writers; it is looking for good 'businessmen' .
The reason I would like to work for Mr. Trump is because I think he is one of the ultimate 'businessmen' .
It didn't take long to figure out that this complex began as a plaything for a group of six retired and bored 'businessmen' .
Murphy claims too many clubs have people on the board who are good 'businessmen' yet with limited rugby knowledge.
But Zimmerman and other 'businessmen' see suits as the key for fall sales.
Still, it is very unsafe for Western 'businessmen' , for private contractors here, and for journalists.
But that's important to me and that's not important to them as 'businessmen' .
In response to the speech, roving thugs immediately executed 145 'businessmen' .
It's the question 'businessmen' in Miami, London and New York are dying to find out and the question nobody can answer.
Often, the talk his editors wanted was from big shots, 'businessmen' promoting themselves or wallowing in rancor.
They are made up not only of intellectuals but of 'businessmen' , women, students, teachers and journalists.
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