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पूंजी की भांति बरतना,
मूल बनाना,
पूंजी में परिरात करना
The group employs some 44,000 staff across the world and is listed on the FTSE 100 where it has a market 'capitalisation' of around £3.8bn.
I compared the market 'capitalisation' of Colt today with some long term investors' favourites and found the following.
The company had a market 'capitalisation' of £2.05 bn when it went independent in 1996, it is now worth £9.24 bn.
AIG has a market 'capitalisation' of $187b and annual revenues of $46b.
Industry observers scrutinized the deal, poring over details such as the combined company's production capacity, market 'capitalization' , and global reach.
The second method makes use of the 'capitalization' of annual income earned from British financial and real investment abroad.
Technically, micro-cap stocks are classified as such based on their market 'capitalization' while penny stocks are looked at in terms of their price.
The market 'capitalization' is the sum of all discounted future dividends into perpetuity.
Most important is the idea that the value of an asset is the 'capitalization' of the stream of future services expected to be thrown off by the asset.
Industry sources said the startup will hire as many as 100 people and have an initial 'capitalization' of $3540 million.
When you have compiled your list, check the actual market 'capitalisations' for each company.
In a listed company, brand equity is determined by the difference between net asset value and market 'capitalization' .
We have seen the corresponding impact on their respective financial positions and market 'capitalizations' in the years hence.
Ten years ago, Germany's three top financial institutions each sported market 'capitalizations' far exceeding their largest U.S. counterparts.
In the beginning, the research departments of brokerage firms provided research on stocks of all market 'capitalizations' .
We also likely can eliminate companies with the highest market 'capitalizations' , say of $50 billion or more.
In Vegas alone there are numerous casino operators with market 'capitalizations' in the multibillion-dollar range.
The market 'capitalizations' of Japanese banks dwarfed those of New York and London institutions.
Its 'capitalization' is minuscule, maybe about $20 billion to $30 billion.
It is a zero-debt company which regularly posts growth of 30 per cent per annum, and is listed on the Nasdaq with a market 'capitalization' in the billions.
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