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मूल बनाना
an attempt by the opposition to capitalize on the government's embarrassment
take the chance to gain advantage from.
a highly capitalized industry
provide (a company or industry) with capital.
translation of 'capitalize'
पूंजी रूप में प्रयोग करना,
पूँजी के रूप में बदलना,
पूँजीकरण करना,
पूंजी बनाना,
पूँजी के रूप में व्यवहार करना
पूंजी की भांति बरतना,
मूल बनाना,
पूंजी में परिरात करना
I don't 'capitalize' the words because middle westerners don't call that much attention to themselves.
The present study examined the role of the convention in German to 'capitalize' the initial letters of nouns.
It's likely that some of this ill-gotten gain has been used to 'capitalize' businesses or endow universities.
There is a certain market in English that refuses to 'capitalize' words or use punctuation.
I also learned how to correctly identify the beginning of a sentence, target the first word, and 'capitalize' the first letter (make the letter bigger than the rest).
people should have the right to 'capitalize' part of the value of these benefits
While any newspaper could set a style to 'capitalize' the word ‘black,’ McIntyre said he doesn't know how much influence it would have outside the newspaper itself.
As I noted briefly, it generally is an accepted accounting practice to 'capitalize' assets.
Assuming that the missing-letter effect is diagnostic of the extraction of text structure, we exploited a special feature of German - the convention to 'capitalize' the initial letter of nouns.
One adjustment is to 'capitalize' R&D expenditures and amortize them over five years instead of expensing these investments in the year they are made.
Members have to invest a set percentage of their annual sales to 'capitalize' this business.
If you need to sell off a piece of land in order to better 'capitalize' the business, indicate this in the plan.
And for GOD'S sakes, Hilary, 'capitalize' every first letter of every proper noun, like the name of your title ‘Venus’.
an attempt by the opposition to 'capitalize' on the government's embarrassment
a trader will want to 'capitalize' repairs expenditure
There are those who decide to eschew this, though, and 'capitalize' every other letter.
a trader will want to 'capitalize' repairs expenditure
Another disadvantage is that, of course, you have to adequately 'capitalize' the business yourself.
I 'capitalize' the word because Miller, in speaking of Jane Austen, does so, calling her the epitome of Style or Austen Style or Absolute Style.
In this chapter I have chosen to 'capitalize' words designating a race or a people.
He also loves to 'capitalize' words or put them in quotes for no real reason, as in this sentence from his legal disclaimer.
The convention to 'capitalize' the first letter of a meaning-laden noun may therefore be particularly useful in aiding structural analysis, allowing easy assignment of some words to their proper grammatical class.
Members of cooperatives at all levels - local and regional - need to remind themselves that it is their responsibility to properly 'capitalize' their cooperative businesses.
To 'capitalize' the income stream without considering the repayment of corporate debt, but then to assume that repayment when doing a residual value of the company, artificially increased the value of the income stream.
His tone spoke of his importance, he seemed to 'capitalize' every significant word.
an attempt by the opposition to 'capitalize' on the government's embarrassment
We should 'capitalize' the word, as this is how we are taught to refer to God.
The first letter is always 'capitalized' , and the second is in lower case.
However, The Coming Of Bill (the American version) is BIG (see, we 'capitalised' those letters) in India.
Vanguarde was considered the most highly 'capitalized' black company in U.S. history, gaining roughly $60 million over four years.
Vodafone Idea should either recapitalize or go to IBC: Rajeev Chandrasekhar
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