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It is at times the rudder that steadies and guides the ship of state captained by the Government.
be the captain of (a ship, aircraft, or sports team).
You can build farms and plantations, hire sailors and ship captains to build your fleet, and establish trade routes to line your pockets.
the person in command of a ship.
translation of 'captain'
जहाज का अध्यक्ष,
You would be hard pressed to find a young 'captain' or major who hadn't flown combat sorties in the area of operations.
This training manual covers every aspect of restaurant customer service for the positions of 'captain' , waiter or waitress, and busser.
An aircraft 'captain' has been criticised after failing to properly report an incident which affected a Stansted-bound flight last year.
The team 'captain' leveled a thinly veiled criticism at the club president just last week.
In a lawsuit filed in the late 1990s, Moose was accused of discriminating against a gay police 'captain' .
‘They rose above the fracas that Iowans got pretty sick of,’ said one Iowa City precinct 'captain' .
The first person I spoke with was an older woman who said she was a Democratic Party precinct 'captain' in Detroit and had been asked to attend by her state representative.
Vance was a busboy, waiter, 'captain' , valet, and a limo driver before joining middle management in the '70s.
Imagine you are the 'captain' of a sports team facing an important match and you want to speak to everyone to persuade them to do their best.
At the request of the police HQI, the 'captain' called on the crowd to disperse, which it did.
It was hoped that a high tide might help the 'captain' refloat the vessel.
She was approached by a New York fire 'captain' to help him write eulogies to fellow firefighters who died in the Twin Towers.
Now I've got 9,000 hours total time, I'm an instrument-rated pilot, and a 'captain' on a Lear Jet.
Cumberland later went back to sea with one 'captain' and five commanders on board - the six are shortly to assume command of their own frigates and destroyers.
The 'captain' and one co-pilot will be in the pilots' seats for both takeoff and landing, but during the flight all crewmembers take turns at the controls.
Drawn into the murky world of naval intelligence, the 'captain' and his multinational crew are on a mysterious mission that even DeHaan doesn't understand.
How was it different, playing another man's songs, and being a deckhand instead of the 'captain' of the ship?
Even Jane Austen contributed to militarization by glorifying being a naval 'captain' 's wife in Persuasion.
From that program I learned that the composer was the 'captain' of a slave ship that made the triangular voyage from England to Africa to the Caribbean.
I can tell members that there were moments when the 'captain' of one particular aircraft got rather agitated by what was going on in the cabin, and it was pretty darn scary.
When, many hours later, the plane was still a few miles away from Heathrow, the 'captain' would have lowered the wheels of the aircraft.
Admiral West joined the RN in 1965 and he was the 'captain' of HMS Ardent during the Falklands War.
Their 65-year-old mother, Hadima, was killed in the bombing, as was their brother Khalid, who was an Iraqi police 'captain' .
During the trip, Jones unexpectedly became the ship's master when its 'captain' and first mate died suddenly.
The election 'captain' is looked to by his boss to get out every voter of the party in his district at the regular elections and on registration days.
He and his wife, an active duty Army 'captain' , have been stationed at Camp Zama for two years.
Carly's eye went to the man, who wore the uniform of an Oneonta Police 'captain' .
the cup was presented to the winning team's 'captain'
Shortly after that my father received a phone call from Ken Lynch, a 'captain' at the local police department.
He had been captain of the football team, 'captain' of the basketball team, MVP of all the sports he played.
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