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a catastrophic earthquake
involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.
catastrophic mismanagement of the economy
extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful.
translation of 'catastrophic '
आफ़त भरा,
बला का
Those living in the most economically deprived areas receive the worst care and suffer 'catastrophic' economic consequences from their illness.
Through them, he learns about the history of apartheid and the 'catastrophic' effect it had on the lives of black South Africans.
Forecasters are warning that a hurricane making landfall at or near New York City could cause 'catastrophic' damage in the U.S.'s largest urban center.
The magnitude of the natural disaster that the Indian Ocean rim countries suffered from the 'catastrophic' earthquake and tsunami is said to be the worst in living memory.
But clearly, there are human factors behind the extensive damage caused by 'catastrophic' storms.
Working together as a team, the three were able to quickly extinguish the fire and prevent further potentially 'catastrophic' damage until fire trucks could respond to the aircraft.
Tonight those winds are picking up in the Mexican resort town of Cancun, which could suffer 'catastrophic' damage from this powerful storm.
The worst storm, a Category 5, has winds greater than 155 mph and can cause 'catastrophic' damage.
You built your whole life around these relationships, it's no wonder that the damage is so 'catastrophic' for you.
In five years time, will I have forgotten how gut-wrenchingly awful 'catastrophic' data loss feels?
Based on the recent evidence, we can estimate that the chances of an asteroid doing 'catastrophic' damage in the next century are approximately one in 5000.
In no other area of the housing market has the intervention of government been so pronounced, so unsuccessful in its implementation, and so 'catastrophic' in its effect.
Intravenous fluid loading before, during, and after rescue may protect against a 'catastrophic' fall in blood pressure that can follow sudden release after prolonged entrapment.
These sandstone monuments display evidence of large-scale 'catastrophic' deposition and immense watery erosion.
Any sharp changes in the temperature proxy would then be caused by 'catastrophic' interglacial climate oscillations.
However, for the unfortunate few that do end up in this situation, the damage can be 'catastrophic' : physically, mentally and financially.
A number of contrasting geological processes can produce circular structures, ranging from 'catastrophic' gas expulsion to form pockmark craters to meteorite impacts.
In an instant, an avalanche of electrons is rolling over the surface in a 'catastrophic' flashover.
The damage, described as 'catastrophic' , caused failure to all of the networks which make up telecommunication infrastructure on the island.
For the big stars (at least 8 times more massive than the Sun), this collapse is 'catastrophic' .
This case, and the handling of it by some of the Met's most senior officers, has done potentially 'catastrophic' damage to the police's reputation for even the most basic level of competence.
While fireworks were the cause of any injuries last Halloween, Gardaí are adamant that the crackers can cause 'catastrophic' damage to children and adults alike.
The 'catastrophic' plague losses of the Black Death helped fuel an obsession with the afterlife and to popularize chantries.
The 'catastrophic' damage resulting from the 1906 earthquake proved to be the springboard for a century of advances in the understanding and science of earthquakes.
Music fans have been warned to turn down or switch off their iPods amid fears the craze for MP3 players is storing up 'catastrophic' and irreversible hearing damage for a generation.
In contrast, the mineralized zones, above the topography created by the pre-mineralization igneous rocks, were not affected by this 'catastrophic' sedimentation.
The institutionalization of welfare was 'catastrophic' because of the extremely high rates of mortality that typically characterized these asylums.
In the enormous densities of the early moments of the Big Bang the result would have been a 'catastrophic' annihilation of matter and antimatter into radiation.
‘It's capable of causing 'catastrophic' damage but, of course, what we're really worried about is the loss of lives,’ he added.
Similarly, Darwin also describes the formations of rocks and minerals from the 'catastrophic' effects of dynamic geological periods.
New Zealand sees 'catastrophic' drop in Indian student visas
Hurricane Harvey makes landfall as Texas braces for 'catastrophic' rains
World not doing enough to prevent catastrophic climate disruption: UN chief
Brexit: PM warns of 'catastrophic breach of trust'
Dorian likely to make catastrophic landfall in Bahamas
Catastrophic bushfire conditions in Aus to persist for months
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